About Joshua Pellicer – Author of The Tao Of Badass

Hey, Joshua Pellicer here.

The guys who learn from me are a different breed of man. They aren’t suckers and they can smell bull sh*t from a mile away. So, if you’re like me, you’re probably wondering, “Who is Joshua Pellicer and why can he help me be a badass with women?”

Well, I’m a completely normal guy. I didn’t want to believe that I was worthless or that I’d never be good with women. I just wasn’t interested in feeling like a victim for the rest of my life or a guy who got walked all over and overlooked.

I started looking for answers for a lot of the same reasons I think you are…

* I wanted to make sure I could attract my future wife when I met her.

* I didn’t want to feel helpless when I got into a social situation.

* I wanted to date lots of different types of women and get that “out of my system” before it was too late.

So I started looking for the answers online and I found something out: “There is a LOT of information about how to meet women online!” I figured, “It was all the same, right?” and I just started trying it out.

I ended up wasting YEARS of my life on things that just didn’t work for me. I wanted a real solution that would “fix me” to the core. Not just make me pretend to be someone else forever.

So I started creating my own system. I took all of the parts from the years of study that actually worked and I linked them all together into a new system that actually MADE SENSE.

It was brilliant. I started offering coaching classes and I booked up for 3 months in the first day the program was open… That’s when I knew I was on to something.

I became a full-time coach and continued my studies. I got pretty popular for a while there: The Today Show, The NY Press, The NY Times, The NY Daily News, etc, etc… I was even made fun of on Saturday Night Live! Hell, Maxim Radio offered me a show all about meeting women, which I accepted and hosted for several years!

After teaching thousands of men, I realized that there were specific “patterns” in the successes… and the failures… of men with women. And just because I was teaching, it didn’t mean my studying ended.

But while I was working with my company before, I was under a contract that wouldn’t allow me to teach you the real dating coaches’ secrets… the things that only we know about. If I did, they were afraid that no one would ever come to the classes again (which were $3500 a piece).

But now that I’ve left, I can tell you everything. And that’s exactly what I do in The Tao of Badass.

So… what are you waiting for?