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Black magic words
That turn her on

These simple words may leave her speechless. Or they may turn her smile into a wicked grin...

But be careful, because these words are powerful. So powerful, they’re dangerous:

One student let these words slip back in 1986 and he was expelled from a public school. Which is an abuse of his free speech, right? Wrong: These Black Magic words are so powerful - and so controversial - even the United States Supreme Court found him guilty.

Which means these Black Magic words are some of the darkest, dirtiest phrases in the English Language. So it’s true: You wouldn’t ever say these Black Magic words to a woman’s face. But, if you know how to whisper them into a woman’s ear, these Black Magic words can have shocking effects:

* You can turn a woman on without her permission (she won’t know what hit her)

* You can make a woman fall for you even if you’re average looking (in fact, this is the secret that regular Joes use to sleep with Hollywood Hotties)

* You can use these Black Magic phrases on a woman you’re “just friends with.” Then smile as she strips naked and offers herself to you

… But here’s the best part: These Black Magic phrases are easy to learn. So easy to learn, you can master each in ten minutes or less.

So let’s begin:

Black Magic Phrase Number One:

Deep Inside

Examples: “I wonder what you’re like, deep inside…” or “What does it feel like, deep inside you?”

Sound dirty? It should. Because the phrase “deep inside” conjures pornographic images and the sounds of women moaning. Best of all; even innocent women imagine these naughty thoughts when they hear ‘deep inside.’ Which means you can make her fantasize whenever you want. With a simple, two word phrase.

How? Try slipping it in to your normal conversation:

Her, “OMG this ice cream is to die for!”

You, “What does it feel like, deep inside you?”

Black Magic Phrase Number Two:

Dripping (Wet)

Examples: “Dripping down your chin…” or “Baby, you’re dripping wet…”

This Black Magic phrase is even more sensual than deep inside. Which means it drives sensual women even wilder.

Try inserting this Black Magic phrase into casual conversation for devastating effects:

THE SITUATION: It’s raining and she forgot her umbrella.

You, “Baby, you’re dripping wet…”

Black Magic Phrase Number Three:

Come (For Me)

Examples: “I love it when you come for me…” or “I can’t wait for you to come…”

We all want to come. Women fantasize about coming just as much as men do. So this Black Magic phrase - put in exactly the right spot - can drive her wild with lust:

Her, “OK. I guess I’ll see you later.”

You, “OK. I can’t wait for you to come…”

Sounds Good. But Do They Work?

These Black Magic phrases work every time. Here’s proof:

* TV Networks slip them in their Soap Operas and Reality TV shows, often without their viewers noticing. (The results? Ratings go through the roof! Especially among their women 18-34 years old)

* Exotic tourism advertising penetrates young women’s minds with these Black Magic phrases. So last year, thousands of gorgeous young women flocked to Cancun, Mexico. (And left their morals and their inhibitions back home)

* DON’T FORGET: These Black Magic phrases work so well, even the United States Supreme Court has banned children from using them in school. Because they have the power to corrupt otherwise innocent minds

... So if you have a crush on a beautiful woman, then shove a Black Magic phrase into your next conversation. She may just squeal in delight.

And if you want to learn more about these Black Magic phrases - including 30 more “Black Magic” words - simply click here to watch a free video on the topic:


(The rest of the Black Magic words are a free gift from me to you, when you subscribe to the program in that video)

Your Friend,

- Vin.
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