Joshua Pellicer’s Banter Cheat Sheet

“This is a lifetime of testing and tweaking rolled up into one running list of banter lines that have been proven to work when you’re talking to a woman in a high-impact environment (like a bar at night). If you use them in their proper contexts, you’ll have a brilliant success rate with them, but keep in mind that they are only here for you to use in an emergency (when you can’t think of anything else to say). I’ll be adding to this list over time. If you have a good one that I dig, I’ll add it here and give you credit for it as well! Simply comment below with your banter line and the best-of will make it to The List. Enjoy!”
Joshua Pellicer

Banter to Say in the Beginning of a Conversation:

  • Did you come over here just to flirt with me?
  • I can tell just by looking at you that you’re trouble.
  • Do you guys have ID? (check their IDs) OK, good. Thanks… I don’t work here but you look great in this photo!
  • I saw you checking me out, if I didn’t come and say hi I was scared you’d follow me home later.
  • I walked by twice and you didn’t flag me down, try to grab my ass or anything… what’s going on over here?
  • Hey thanks I’ve been waiting for that. (Reach for her drink, slowly)
  • I didn’t mean to do this in front of your friends but we’re through.
  • Welcome to (Bar Name). Glad you made it.

Banter for the Middle of a Conversation:

  • You better be getting back to your friends before they realize you’re over here flirting with me.
  • You’re cool. You can help me pick up chicks.
  • We’d never get along. We’d fight all the time. And I’d win.
  • You’re my new girlfriend for the night.
  • I’m going to take you home in my little pocket and ask my roommates if I can keep you. Are you housebroken?
  • I’m too high maintenance for you.
  • I promised my friends that I wouldn’t date bad girls anymore.
  • No, it’s fine, you don’t have to buy me a drink.
  • You’d look cute with a fanny pack.
  • You’d look cute with a mohawk.
  • Is that what you say to all the guys?
  • Is that one of your pickup lines?
  • (When someone else walks up) How many months have we known each other?
  • It’ll never work out. I’d never take your shit and you’d never take mine.
  • Stop flirting with me in front of my friends. I promised them I wouldn’t go home with anyone tonight.
  • You must’ve driven your parents crazy.
  • Do you mind watching my drink? Don’t put any roofies in there or anything. If someone tries to steal it kick their ass.
  • Let’s see if we can find you a man.
  • You can’t just talk to random people, that’s weird.
  • I’m so attracted to you in a totally non-sexual way.
  • I’m a big fan of your work. I like what you’re doing here.
  • [submitted by TAO Member Lance S] You are so cute, when you’re trying to be funny and witty.
  • [submitted by TAO Member Brett H] Don’t threaten me with a good time!

‘Drive-By’ – Use When You’re Walking By and then Walk Off After:

  • Hey I know you! Ok, I’ll see you later.
  • Hey, it’s you! I can’t be seen talking to you again, I’ll be right back.

If She Asks “Do I Know You?” After A ‘Drive-By’:

  • [submitted by TAO Member Kevin Johnson] Well not yet. But when you do, please try to contain yourself from coming on to me… And don’t try to buy me a drink, thats not going to work either.

If She Drops or Spills Something:

  • See… This is why we can’t have nice things.
  • It’s ok, you don’t have to be nervous.
  • Relax. You’re going to hurt yourself.
  • It’s a good thing you’re pretty.
  • [submitted by TAO Member John A] Great, yeah, can we get a sippy cup over here for her??
  • [submitted by TAO Member Gary Maslankowski] You’re a handful… :)

If She Says Something Ridiculous:

  • Clearly, your boyfriend isn’t spanking you enough.
  • I gotta go, I left a knife in the fork drawer.

If She Compliments You On Something Specific (clothes, haircut, etc.)

  • [submitted by TAO Member Kevin Johnson] Well thanks, but don’t leave the rest of me out of the equation!

After A ‘Congruence Test’ (See The Tao of Badass For Explanation):

  • [submitted by TAO Member Kevin Johnson] OOOooo…..SSSASSY. I like that. I love it when you talk mean to me. But I bet little miss cranky pants has a hidden cute side.

Comments and Banter Line Submissions (497 comments So Far)

  1. mark hale

    I’ll be right back. It’s OK to think about me, just keep it clean.

  2. Alex

    if she bumps into you or accidentally touches your ass
    Wow hold up i dont think we’re ready to take our relationship to the “touch each others ass level”
    HB – haha sorry
    You “Yea I’m just so tired of women using me for my body, thought youd be different and love me for me, but ur all the same” said with smile and joking attitude

  3. Maverick

    (When she compliments you){ I bet you say that to all the boys}. (you can really say that to alot of the things that she says.) Or.{ You shoudln`t do that, Your parents might find out},..{.You shouldn`t be telling me that, You know I`am with the F.B.I.} ……..more to come.

  4. Crows

    Is that what they’re saying in (place)?Weeeelllllllll…I heard different.Clearly you’re not part of the in/out crowd.

  5. Fathy

    I used this one that got me great results ” I’m trying to walk here, but your looks are distracting. Tell me is this your way of seducing men!”

  6. “Oh my God, you’re almost as pretty as me!”

    It actually works BEST if you’re very average looking. The better looking you are the more pompous it sounds and they you have to explain the line and you’re sense of humor.

  7. David

    Can’t you just say that “I just came over to introduce myself, Hi I’m—–”?

  8. Jon

    From the movie Stepbrothers…when you walk into a bar and see a hot woman, say “I’ve travelled 500 miles to give you my seed!”

  9. joseph bell

    To girl who is working behind any counter waiting for your order or getting ready to check you out at the cash register say at wal-mart and delivers the requisite line ” How are you” or something similar. Look at her and reply:” Good, How’s it going back there”? Or, “How’s it going in here”?
    This invariably elicits a mild surprise and positive reaction and opens up conversation.

    Not an emergency line rather a good barrier buster.

  10. Jeff

    “You’re cute when you lie”

  11. Jeff

    The previous banter line would be probably in middle convo- can be used when she’s giving you mundane details about her day, or more likely if she’s trying to convince you of something. For instance, you use “is that one of your pick up lines?” she replies “no,” and then you throw in the previously mentioned…”you’re cute when you lie”

  12. Luis Daniel

    Her: Im sorry I have a boyfriend.
    Me: (With analitical eyes and voice tone) Glad you tell me, I was about to ask you for your number, but you are right, he must not know, Ill have your Email/Facebook then.

    Gets laughter every time

  13. Anonymous

    middle of conversation.
    she says something about seeing something. you say “better than looking at my ugly mug i gess”. she will want to look at you to see how you look. look her in the eyes confidently. got a laugh and an embarrassed look when i used it. see replided “not the worst mug i’ve seen”.
    not shure if that is considered banter but it worked for me.

  14. Frank Houck

    I don’t mind you talking if you don’t mind I’m not listening

  15. Max

    If you suggests anything to you, even as simple as a “have a good night” or somthing like that.

    Girl: Have a nice night (or somthing like on those lines)

    You: Wow, we’ve been only talking for 5 minutes and you ALREADY wan’t control of me, (then you can even but in a fill such as, I’m not that easy or somthin like that.)

  16. KJ

    (If she drops or spills something) “I can’t take you anywhere, can I?”

  17. EmBE

    Hey Josh :)
    Is it possible to get a PDF of these?

  18. Larry Smith

    When someone coments how they like an upbeat, happy song, Why? It always makes you cry.

  19. Jake

    (From the show Archer if she drops food or spills drink) “That’s how we get ants!”

  20. Lance

    Wow, until I saw you I thought I was the best looking person in the room.

  21. Rodrigo Yanez

    ask her her name after a minute or two of first meeting her,….when she tells you her name ask her to spell it, she will ask why. reply-”well, say down the line we date a few times , and I obviously are into me and I come around eventually and who knows a few months later we see more of each other, I figure one day I might want to buy you a bracelet or necklace with your name and well…… self explanatory, ….. I like to think ahead in life. and she will laugh.

  22. Anonymous

    when i see someone walking really fast i say “you should meet my buddy derrick over there, he’s actually a proffesional runner, he’s won like a million awards, he’s a really cool guy, you should get to know him :)”

  23. Anonymous

    Twisting ambiguous words that she says that come across slightly rude:
    - Woaahhh hey i know were getting to know each other better but were not that close.
    - Wow that sound promising.
    Acting surprised and finish with a cheeky smile.

  24. Jon

    Twisting ambiguous words that she says that come across slightly rude:
    - Woaahhh hey i know were getting to know each other better but were not that close.
    - Wow that sound promising.
    Acting surprised and finish with a cheeky smile.

  25. Douglas

    For bantering: “Don’t worry, I don’t bite …I mean, you might want me to, but that’s your problem!”

  26. Douglas

    If you find out early into the conversation that she’s leaving soon: “Wait a minute? You’re leaving in [X amount of time]? That doesn’t give you much time to seduce me! You better get to work!

  27. Ard

    Ok so good looking women in bars with a lot of attitude use congruence test to crack guys into a sniveling wimp. One method of doing so is attacking their sexuality. (i.e. your beard looks gay) or other negative connotation. Most guys will fail this test automatically by backhanding her in the face. Of course it also means you blow your chances plus an arrest warrant for assault.


    Is there a list of responses to negative congruence test?

  28. Anonymous

    Whats a rotten girl like you doing in a nice place like this

  29. Marshall

    Say something and she looks at you like you’re weird? Try: “Don’t look at me in that tone of voice!”

  30. Robert Panaro

    You should probably know, I do not make out with strangers.

  31. ryan

    Her:Are you drunk?

  32. ryan

    Her:Are you drunk? You:Not yet ill let you know when im ready to be taking advantage of.

  33. Ademir

    just adding to “Lance”

    Wow, until I saw you I thought I was the best looking person in the room, …and I was right.

  34. Ademir

    just adding to Robert Panaro:
    You should probably know, I do not make out with strangers,…. what’s your name? ______ You are not a stranger any more, lets go.

  35. Jim

    Whoa, my eyes are up HERE (point to eyes)

  36. Andy

    When she says something rediculous,
    I remember my first beer

  37. Jeremy

    I’m more than just a piece of meat. If you want a shot with me, you have to
    like me for my mind

  38. motorboater

    I remember this slick ass line, and I say that because I was face deep in tata land within 15 minutes.

    After all day and night at the pool drinking with this girl and my friends, she says, ” I have to go, I have to wake up early tomorrow”. Instantly I’m thinking no fun tonight, too bad those are beautiful tits; but smooth as could be looking her in the eyes I come back with, “I have an alarm clock”. She hesitated for half a second, my friends’ heads turned, I could hear everybody’s one thought, “did he really?”

    And yes! I did, she said ok and we were headed to the apartment and straight to the bed!

  39. Ceddy

    When a girl glances at you…Walk up to her with direct eye contact and say.. “I couldn’t help noticing you noticing me.”

    Also, when there is a few girls standing around, turn around and look at one and say in a playful but dominant tone.. “Did you just grab my ass?” She will say no. Then you look at her again, and say… “But you wanted to…”

  40. Ceddy

    This one may be used when you have spoken to her already, and there is some familiarity…

    When a woman orders you to do something…(as Josh had said, the compliance test..) Respond with.. “Listen up you… The only time a woman tells me what to do, is between the sheets.”

  41. sloppy joe

    im loving your outfit, did you put it on for me??

  42. Toby L.

    If she drops or spills something say thats ok just throw it anywhere..

  43. Kevin H

    You :Hey, is your father a terrorist?
    Girl: No, why?
    You: Because your a BOMB!

    Just thought of this one :p
    It should work i guess :p

  44. paolo m

    told jokingly if you know the girl and have allready talked to her and she asks you to do something : no girl has ever been able to order me around young lady , much less so in the bedroom

  45. Andrew J


    “you’ll have to speak up, I can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome I am”

  46. Scott Vincent

    (after you ask her out) be unique, be different, say yes~

  47. Chris Fazio

    ive gotten huge laughs and alot of results from this one and you dont have to say anything before hand. “What do me and an old man have in common? Were both tired and cranky and i lost my marbles!” regardless of what they say you can pretty much go anywhere from there.

  48. Hey Melissa, I wasn’t expecting to see you again till next month. (She describes her name is not Melissa) Sorry, you look a lot like a good friend of mine who’s been away on a modeling trip with Maxim.

    If you got lucky and her name is Melissa, tell her you just got a new phone cause you dropped your other one in the pool a week ago.

  49. Jef

    I love that outfit . . . But it sure would look better if you threw it on the floor next to my bed.

  50. Mäkelä

    Excuse me? Could you get me a water because im so hungry that i dont know where to sleep this night.

  51. jamesometry

    This got a friend of mine layed one night…we just walked into a club and he says, “I’ll be right back, that womans giving me a look.” I didn’t see him till the next day at work.I said what the hell… Apparently he walked right up to her, looked her dead in the eye and said, “Nice shoes, wanna fuck?” I guess she did….

  52. Otto

    After Congruence test: I like that angry look in your eyes.(only after a brief pause)

  53. Louis

    Oh, why am I overweight?

    Because everytime I bang that gorgeous woman over there she gives me a biscuit.

    ( I know this is terminal but works excellently well in shutting up either female ( or male) detractors.

  54. Anthony Camilleri

    Whats your occupation. No no. Let me guess. I get the vibe that if we were alone you would come right up and hug me. So you must be a kindergarten teacher. No thats not right hey? Then you must be a pole dancer

  55. josh

    Cute Casher at checkout looking for your number for store info, “I’ll only give it to you if you actually call me when you get off.” – first hand success

  56. Roman

    (this only works if she is wearing red pants) “Are you a liar?” when she says “huh?” say “because your pants are on fire!”

  57. Brian G.

    “Don’t freak out but I think all of the other girls here are jealous I’m talking with you right now”

  58. Austin

    If a girl you dont know accidentally gets a feel-”Hey! At least take me to dinner or a movie first!” Smiling amd kiddingly

  59. DANIEL


  60. sam

    A girl came up to me in the bar to scare me away from her girl friends. She started in with the testing saying she was a bitch and she was there to be with her girls And who was i? I just looked at her. and said as a matter of fact “nothing bad ever came from being kind.” After that she bought me a drink and i became part of the group.

  61. Traveller

    When she pays you a compliment of any kind, you reply by saying, “Thanks, you can stay an extra five minutes.”

  62. Michael hart

    Nice dress(or anything she is wearing), I think my mother has one just like it!

  63. Andreas

    There was attraction between this girl and me. I recognised, she was a smoker just like me that time. I was very confident that time. I lit a cigarette demonstrativly, walked over to her and ask her for a light.
    She was very surprised by that. No resistance whatsoever ;)

  64. TROY

    you can sit hear I dont bit….hard unless you are in to that


    After A ‘Congruence Test’

    That’s your bark…? Now show me your Bite?

  66. Ngo

    can you transelate it into chinese?it can not work with chinese woman!

  67. matt

    your the reason i don’t walk down dark alleys.

  68. Blaine Hubert

    After an insult test, most girls i meet are nice and you are yourself that makes you special.

  69. Vitaliy

    Dude……….i feel like these banter lines are so cheezy

  70. Rolf

    I’m not as nice as you think, [her name].

    ( after teasing or passing a compliance test or otherwise getting a rise out of her )

  71. Gulfwarmarine

    Been using this for years and works AWESOME! A girl walks by and make a silent comment of 6, maybe 7, just loud enough so she hears you. Chances are she’ll stop, ask you what did you say?” Tell her 6 possibly 7 not sure… Her response, “6 possibly 7 what?” You, “I’d give you 6, maybe 7 orgasms at least”
    Be advised, use this only if you can deliver.

  72. Joseph M

    (You): Hey! You cant look at me like that.
    (Her): Like what?
    (You): You know.. The way a fat kid looks at a cheeseburger.

  73. Anonymous

    I’m reading these banter lines and I’m saying ‘really’. 90% are condescending and demonstrate male arrogance. But I could be wrong here and will try some of the banter lines out myself. I’m not trying to be critical here, I’ve used the cheesist ice breaker line with 50/50 results. The old Tenessee line. “do you mind if i ask you a personal question” she says no, and you say “are you from Tenesse?” she says ‘no’ and you reply i thought your were because you are the only 10 I See”.

  74. Nicholas Apollonio

    I feel more like I do now than I did when I came in. Thanx for helping.

  75. Barry G.

    Hi! My name’s ________. How do you like me so far?

  76. David

    Tried this last night while enjoying my birthday…….. I bumped into several women behind me while dancing. I turned around and did the “Humpty Hump” then I said “There is your dollar dance” with a smile and a laugh. They all giggled and danced with me for several minutes…got kisses and feels and numbers from all three.

  77. Anthony

    When she says “I’m not going to sleep with you”:
    “What?! Do you have any idea how gorgeous our kids would be? We both have blonde hair and ___ eyes (get her’s wrong)”
    “But I have ___ eyes!”
    “Whatever, it’s not really important, our kids will be amazing. I’m getting you pregnant tonight”.

  78. Mike Jeroen Bos

    Well this one i know works on almost any painfull awkward cituation with nurses or like the hot dentist. They always ask during precedures how are ya holding up. Or somekind of mather. when you answer with a smile like i am doing fine but i got other more plesan hobbies. You get there attention right away.


    “Could you be, the most beautiful girl is the world?” (singing)
    “i bet you are, since i figured out that you existed”. (then let the magic operate…)
    >I’ve been doing this “banter line” more than once and please believe, I’ve never, ever been rejected. And if for any reason, the girl just smiles and don’t answer anything, just add:
    “Take the time to think about it and when you’re ready, come over, i’ll buy you a drink”
    >Trust me that she will be back fast than you could ever expect…

  80. Leon W

    If you keep acting like that.. “Your going to get a smacked bum!!

  81. Carl

    depends on which you witness first.
    “Got a walk to go with that attitude?” or vice versa

  82. Erik Howard

    Her: Where did you go?
    You: Relax baby, we’re not there yet.

  83. William Hawley

    Hello Miss I couldn’t help but detect a 9.9 dyno babe over here (looking into her eyes) as she looks back in bewilderment as to what a “dyno babe” is… then you say I know you must think I am crazy for coming over here, but I think I would be twice as crazy if I didn’t throw a little hit on you to see if I’ll sleep better tonight.

  84. This is great – would be awesome if there was a PDF copy!

  85. Mr. Charisma

    (When she drinks your drink then you drink it) Do you have a disease? Cause every time you drink my juice and then I drink it I’m magically attracted to you.

  86. Victor Humphrery

    Banter for the Middle of a Conversation:

    So tell me something personal about yourself, that you would only tell a very close friend.

  87. Jonathan Seldin

    The beginning sounds like being an asshole

  88. Jonathan Seldin

    This all sounds like being an asshole and not coming from being genuine

  89. Larry

    Best one I had heard.

    Girl: I have a man.

    Guy: I have a goldfish.

    Girl: (giggling) What?!?

    Guy: Sorry, I thought we were talking about shit that don’t matter…my bad.

  90. Christopher

    How in here do I have to knock out to go home with yu tonight?

  91. Christopher


  92. Antonio

    Hi guys, I am from Portugal and I just entered Joshua Pellicer’s Member two days ago but can I have your comments on?
    (For beginning of a conversation)

    You: Hi Sandra! Long time don`t see you!
    She: Hello, in fact I`m Sandra but I`m not remembering you…!
    (then the talk may flow…)

    OR (in 99% of the cases):

    She: I`m not Sandra!
    You (looking serious): Incredible!!!! I have a friend very similar to you, and looking “friendly” like you! Then what`s your name?………..(and so on…)

  93. Andy W

    Hey, I thought you looked familiar, then I realized you’re way to cute to be someone I might know.

  94. David Durant

    I like This! This right here will help out alot. But just this weekend it was me my brother and this other guy and three women. Look! Just from reading your email i controled the crowd. All the women paying attention to me. Memicing my hand justers, and without saying the words they were telling me to have sex with they and let them give me head. And that the beginning of the party. Trust me I made alot of mistakes with negitive convo, I always brought it back with a little banter. Now the kicker was that my brother called himself playing my getting under my skin and he knows I hate that shit. I felt that because that he did not want me their so I walked outside. The good thing is that the girl that i wanted follwed, but so did my brother. What did I do wrong.

  95. Sergio A

    wow, you just grow gorgeous by the minute, too bad I have to go now…

  96. Richard J

    1. Do you get paid to stand around looking pretty, or were you just waiting for me?

    2. To the chick. Could you please leave, I’m having a hard time breathing because your taking my breath away.

  97. david metellus

    if she makes a little angry face after a congruence test say ” oh please don’t make that face again, you look too cute “. Or you can say ” owww make that face again ” say it playfully and then smile.

  98. Dan Harrell

    Yeah, these are all great for bar/restaraunt/social outing environments. However, what about when you are walking down the street or talking to the girl next door? You dont use some line like “Did you come here just to flirt with me?” Then what? Lets shift focus to everyday activities. Going to the park, standing at the gas station, in the yogart isle at the grocery store?

  99. Daniel Miller

    Hey, stranger. Long time no see.

    (few sentences later)

    Can I ask you something? What was your name again? (Wait for answer.) Yeah. I wanted to know, can I get your phone number?

  100. PAUL

    It’s a little warm in here…are you hot?

  101. Alex

    i know a good banter line that would work in the introduction “You know technically im a gay man, but if i was straight, i would be so into you”

  102. Some truly wondrous work on behalf of the owner of this internet site , perfectly great written content .

  103. Andrew DeGaust

    After asking a girl to dance she smelled my cologne and asked “ooh what do you have on?” and I said a “hardon but I didn’t think you could smell it”

  104. Benjamin Levy

    Drive-by: I refuse to dance with you

  105. David Katz

    Joshua your the man!

  106. Eric M

    I see a lot of pickup lines listed here and less banter lines… Bantering should rely on puns, or have a “punch line” to them… otherwise you run the risk of coming off cheesy. Not that they won’t work X% of the time, they just don’t have the same finesse and re-usability as the ones Joshua has provided :)

  107. Eric M

    shouldn’t rely on*

  108. carl clayton

    can i be the first one today to say that you are beautiful

  109. Mark A

    i like em!

  110. Wade M

    Dance? Ooo I cant, the last time I did that they through me out of here.

  111. Wylie

    (you catch her glancing at you, this works especially well if she is in a group but you have to time it right, walk up, don’t lock eyes, make a bit of a triangle of your own, hair, shoulder to shoulder then to the eyes, pause.) “I’m not shy, I wanted a better look, and you have nothing to be shy about yourself. What’s your name?” choose the girl for this carefully, the few times ive used it, I ended up with one of the girls friends. It must be something to do with jealousy between girls. I tend to seek out the more reserved girls, so the wilder ones pounce.

  112. Christopher Romano

    I love these, and can’t wait to start using them.

  113. Andrew Phillips

    My friends bet me £100 to go and talk to the prettiest girl in the club, but I turned down the cash and chose you instead :)

  114. Maxime Cyr

    You know how much a polar bear weight? Enought to break the ice, hello i’m blablabla


    Here a classic what NOT TO SAY !!!
    I was at a pub last weekend with a mate and he’s been wanting to pick up this HOTTT as bar chick.
    So I’ve gee’d him up to go say a pick up line.
    I laughed my ass off when I saw the look on her face !!!
    He went up ordered a beer and asked “do you have a dog?,”
    She replied “yes?”.
    He said “so do you know any tricks” !!!

  116. I was on a business trip this morning at the airport. The nice looking woman began taking off her belt in front of me just before security. Being new here and studying Josh’s stuff a lot, all of a sudden, I hear these words come out of my mouth:

    “You don’t have to undress for me yet. At least not until we’ve been properly introduced…”

    I got a big smile for that one…

  117. Francis j

    If your both standing, slowly look down towards the floor (and be obvious), when she asks what your doing say, “Oh just checking for an Ankle bracelet, figured someone like you isnt normally allowed out.”

  118. Mark

    Quickly approach a girl and say:

    “Look, you’re new here so I’ll be straight with you. This place isn’t big enough for two people as good looking as we are. You have to leave.”

    When she protests say, “Hey, I was here first. If you like, I can drive you back to my place.”

  119. duane fluegge

    “um… wanna have babies? Today or tomorrow?”

    Will that work?

  120. Jesse

    If she’s all into her phone texting: go up to her and say…hey you can quit texting me now. I’m right next to you.

  121. Trevor


    Great line Jim:

    Whoa, my eyes are up HERE (point to eyes)

    Great line Jake:

    (From the show Archer if she drops food or spills drink) “That’s how we get ants!”

    Great line Traveller:

    When she pays you a compliment of any kind, you reply by saying, “Thanks, you can stay an extra five minutes.”

    Great line Leon W.:

    If you keep acting like that.. “Your going to get a smacked bum!!

    Great line Andrew Phillips:

    My friends bet me £100 to go and talk to the prettiest girl in the club, but I turned down the cash and chose you instead :)

  122. Trevor

    Joshua that whole ‘turn around for 2-3 seconds to refresh the happy state’- negative body language- has changed the game for me so much! Definitely helps to establish dominant body language. Thank you bro!!

  123. Morten

    (when you first walk up to the girl)

    Sorry im late, have you ordered for me yet?

  124. Richard

    being born beautiful wasn’t enough_. You had to go forge an incredible body as well..
    if it feels right you can add. “Masterpiece achieved!” (delivered with a smile of course)

  125. ismaeel

    hey , how you doing ?
    did you take a shower today ?

    and shes gonna be like what ? why ?

    what a shame i like them dirty girls


  126. Robert Laforgia

    This one works great because of it versatility. You can say it anywhere to anyone and at anytime. It is simple:

    It goes like this, all you do is ask a attractive woman an obvious question, usually about a location.

    For instance, in the supermarket you could simply but seriously ask “Excuse me do you know where the produce aisle is?”

    After she replies (doesn’t matter what she says because it is some place obvious)

    Say in your banter voice “Sorry I just got lost when I saw you.”

  127. Steven W

    I can’t believe it’s this late. Isn’t it past your bedtime

  128. Michael A

    “i noticed you checking me out and figured i should grace you with my presense” smooth and with a smile :)…created it and thought it would be helpful..msg me on how it works for you guys if you try it.

  129. Joshua Scott

    at the beginning of a conversation.. “I promised my friends I wouldn’t let another girl with a cute smile pick me up tonight, but your’s seems harmless enough” say witha smile.

  130. Mr B

    If you open up a group, if they’re being quiet, tell them to “join hands because we’re going to contact the living”

  131. Mr B

    An add on from: when there is a few girls standing around, turn around and look at one and say in a playful but dominant tone.. “Did you just grab my ass?” She will say no. Then you look at her again, and say… “But you wanted to

    If she says “No” to that, say “Do your mates know you wanted to?” and she says “No” again say “So your secrets out?”

  132. Marisol Velazquez

    When she does something clumbsy or sais something crazy you say;”Woman thats why you belong in the kitchen”. XD haha naw im pretty shure they wouldn’t like that

  133. Elias Celso

    After the first kiss:

    Do you know that your lips are made of the same material of your pussy?


    Here’s a playful flirt: “My mother told me about girls like you, but what mama doesn’t know, won’t hurt her!”

  135. nicolas

    hahah ok so i just tried this line on two girls that didnt text me back for a couple of days.. and now they are blowing up my phone with texts .. ok here it is {ok its been a couple days since you last texted me ..either there is a search party out looking for you ..or your just too shy to text back cause your really into me … if they are a smart ass and say im missing just say oh well if you happen to see(her name) tell her that shes lame omg its working so good she just told me to come over

  136. Christian burley

    Excellent line to.use on a dating website or.someone you are just starting to talk to,its funny and you always get the same reaction.Halfway through the conversation online or somebody you.have just met say “so when are you taking me out then?” She will laugh and should reply” hold on isnt that supposed to be your” or something similar,then you have the green light

  137. Joerg Schmidt

    you are gonna have to stop undressing me with your eyes , because i am not sleeping with you tonite

  138. Joshua m

    If she spills something. Well look at you arent you just a hot mess

  139. Marisol Velazquez

    Hey my dick died, do you mind if I bury it in your ass?

  140. Jonathan Mihopulos

    Have you ever had your palm read?

    (She gives you her hand)

    Hmmm. That’s interesting. It says you have a fetish for really tiny feet. My feet are huge, we’d never work out.

  141. Alexander Robert

    If a girl asks for your number, tell her…”I usually give out a wrong number to girls who I don’t see real potential in…but I’m going to give you my personal number, don’t give it out cus I don’t want my phone to be any more blown up than it already is. (serious face)” How’s that for socially attractive??

  142. Alexander Robert

    Also, if you’re ever in a really good mood and she is trying to have fun…tell her to hit you in your abdomen. If she goes for it and hits you, just flex your arms and torso and let her go off on you if you think you can handle it, I usually tell it to girls who look like they are little and won’t hurt me, but I have a pretty tight torso. after that, be you want to fight huh?? then act like you’re getting ready to wail on her but go in and just block her hits letting a few go by…you’re basically losing to her. then go for it and put her over your shoulder if your not wasted (if you drop her it’s game over)…and just spin a few times and put her down, and slowly go in for a kiss. it’ll work I promise :) but if she DOESN’T go in to hit you, and is too shy…just be like, it’s okay I didn’t want you to hurt me anyways. =) tell her that you’d be her body guard for the night if she wants one, say it in a question and if she does than that gives you a reason to hang around her and talk to her. I’m actually making all of this up as I go, but I’m a smart guy and I know a lil bit bout girls…a few nights ago I let these girls wail on me, they weren’t trying to hurt me, they just wanted a reason to feel my abs, and I was enjoying the attention. so we “faught” all night hahah…maybe some guy on here might get some use out of his gym membership now!

  143. Blaine

    Your game is pretty good, but your still not getting me in bed.

    Hey girls can I get a female opinon on something, assuming you are females and not just really cute crossdressers.

    I was just trying to have a guys night-out. You totally ruined it. You had to be so cute.

    You look like you’re up to no good.

  144. Anonymous

    hi, i told myself i wasn’t going to have a good night unless i asked what ur name is.. (worked for me)

  145. John Honeycutt

    this is such a ridiculous opening line, I swear it’s worked for me so many times…
    (it’s to be said with an obvious joking tone)

    “I noticed you from across the room, and I just wanted to say that I love you more than any man has ever loved a woman he’s never met. would you care to dance?”

  146. Ryan S

    for the congruence test, a variation of Kevin’s: Ooh …… sassy . I like that . Keep it up and you might make it onto my list.

  147. Brian

    I used this tonight and it actually worked. When a girl passes and you make eye contact flash your best and biggest smile. Chances are she’ll smile and keep walking. When you see her again say:

    “You know, you smiled at me and kept walking. I just wanted to let you know that was kinda rude.”
    Say it with a smile, but sound slightly firm; say it doing a “drive-by”

    When I said it the girl grabbed my arm, with an apologetic look, bought me a drink and we’ll be seeing each other again.

  148. Emilio Lucero

    You: “Are your Mom and Dad 5′s?
    Her: “huh??” or “why?”
    You: “They MUST be… They made a 10.”

  149. vaughn a

    This is gold

  150. Liam

    This is absolute brilliance!

  151. Mike

    From the cartoon character, Pepe le Pew, said in a French accent: “I love the way you ignore me only to make yourself more attractive to me.”

  152. Rodney Brown

    Isn’t there banter for more commen settings or approach banter

  153. Anonymous

    What is the best thing to say when approaching?! Hey then your name? This is a big issue for me…

  154. Matt

    It would be cool to have a set of guidelines that would allow guys to create their own original Banter Lines successfully

  155. David Pyles

    “Are you shy? I’ve been standing here 5 minutes and you haven’t come over to talk to me.”

  156. Michael

    Holy Shit! If your ass was any cuter I’d want to wear it as a hat.

  157. farzin

    here is my banter

    would you vote for me if i was a mayor?

  158. Josh

    Girl: You’re not going to have a drink?
    Me: oh no, I can’t, I have to prep for surgery in an hour.

  159. Josh

    girl: “So what do you do for work?”

    me: ” well… i’m not saying this to impress you, but….. I’m batman”

  160. Sandra V

    show me your id ( 24 years old?)what u doing over here u should be home waiting for me .lol

  161. Juan Torres

    two girls sitting down.. or standing.. as long as their not in rapport

    Me: hey i have question and i was hoping u could answer it..

    Me: who you think cheats more men or women?

    Them. ____

    Me: what makes u think that?


    Me. So who do u think has more sex men or woman??

    i have tried it in different situations and i always get a great response.. try i out..

  162. s.g.

    banter line especially works with waitresses and counter/bar girls:

    hey, how much cost your smile, there is no prise on it :)

  163. Pol M

    You’ve been staring at me all night, makes me feel that i have to talk to you!

  164. Bamf

    problem: a girl insults you

    solution: don’t bring that pillow talk to me cause ill take it to a place you might like…

  165. Bamf

    or a simple

    “pillow talk brings me to a place you might like”

    just saw “The Run Down”

  166. Nathaniel D

    Sorry, my mom says I’m not allowed to talk to girls.

  167. When a girl asks if You think she is pretty:
    I don’t know, Maybe if You didn’t have that big zit on Your forehead, I’m almost ashamed to be seen with You. Look, Now everyone is looking ay Us.

  168. Chance

    I think I have a better line to bring about a first kiss than Joshua does. I’ve used it when I could pretty much tell a girl was thinking about kissing me. Unfortunately, the way I discovered it was a girl I was only mildly attracted to used it on me. And it worked on me. Anyway, try this: Ask, “Are you a good kisser?” Unless she says, “no,” and/or immediately pulls away (neither of which has ever happened to me when asking this question), you can kiss her. When it was used on me I was still thinking of how to respond when she kissed me. It has worked for me in situations where I just kissed the girl without a response. It has also worked where I asked the question, received a positive response (“supergood” was her response), and then had to reposition myself to actually kiss her.

  169. chris

    What is the one thing you have to think in order to laugh?

  170. stephen j

    this one seems to work relatively well when delivered properly

    walk right up to a random girl: hey, Im Steve, Im pretty interesting. I’m curious about you. Nice meeting you. Say it with a smile i like to wink and walk stright over to the bar and grab a drink. more often than not they walk right over to you.

    i saw one of josh’s banter lines that i think would work very well if she didnt come up to you afterwards, grab your drink walk a back over to her and follow up with: you know what, we’d never get along we’d fight all the time and id win.. smile again and walk away

    let me know what you think if you try it

  171. Raul Arias

    You’re cute and I’m hot…Okay you can stop looking at me now.

  172. Rick F

    After a ‘Congruence Test’: (Laugh) Damn, nice burn, I might need ice for that (then lightly laugh again)

  173. Chris E

    You remind me of my little toe! Your little and cute and I could see myself banging you on my coffee table later!

  174. Stephen Caceres

    If She Compliments You On Something Specific (clothes, haircut, etc.)

    It’s not about the clothes, its about the hanger.

  175. Alex

    Wow you look cute tonight but there was no need to try to impress me with fashion, your looks and brains are enough ;)

  176. Jon Pants

    Just had one with two variations that I wanted to mention. I believe they fall under if she say something ridiculous.

    When see mentions something you say:
    “What’s that, is it edible?”
    “What’s that? It isn’t contagious, is it?”

  177. julius bernard

    When she is defensive:
    “You don’t have to explain, you are not being scolded.” :)
    -all her defenses will vanish

  178. julius bernard

    When she is defensive:
    “You don’t have to explain, you are not being scolded.” :)
    -all her defenses will vanish

    -mathew badass

  179. Marshall

    Just read your eBook man, good stuff. Some of these banter lines are great, some are washed up. I’ll do my best to add some good ones for you guys to reference back to.

    All I can think of at the moment is…

    If shes using her cellphone a lot..
    ME: are u like addicted to that thing
    HER: no no im sorry
    ME: what are u addicted to?
    HER: umm nothing
    ME: ..give me a week

    One of my favorite lines from Shaft was in relation to boyfriends…

    HB: I have a boyfriend.
    Shaft: Whoa… We just met ten minutes ago, and already you’re telling me your problems.

    Also a good one…

    *HB: “have a nice day”
    “don’t tell me what to do, I just met you like five minutes ago, and you’re already trying to control me”

    I’ll be back later dude.

  180. Marshall

    “Will you PLEASE tell your breasts to stop staring at my Eyes!? Its very offputting! How Rude!”

  181. Marshall

    I was talking to an HB and she was saying how it sucks to be a woman because pregnancy and periods and guys have it easy, I replied…

    “Typical greedy woman. Multiple Orgasms just isn’t enough nowadays”

    She than responded with, “If I’m lucky”

    I said, “Cant win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket”


  182. Matthew Litteral

    Say: “What kind of phone do you have?” ( pause for a minute, give negative body language. Look over your should at another hot chick while she is showing you her phone) Say:” Hold My drink for a sec.” ( pause while she grabs it )cont. to say ” while I try get a number!” She will get fustraighted and then grab her cell phone and call yours with it and let it ring until her number shows up. then say ” Thanks ” and grab your drink again.

  183. Matthew Litteral

    Say: “What kind of phone do you have?” ( pause for a minute, give negative body language. Look over your should at another hot chick while she is showing you her phone) Say:” Hold My drink for a sec.” ( pause while she grabs it )cont. to say ” while I try get a number!” She will get frustrated and then grab her cell phone and call yours with it and let it ring until her number shows up. then say ” Thanks ” and grab your drink again.

  184. Bruce Seabolt

    I tried the banter line: “I didn’t mean to do this in front of your friends, but we’re through.” She looked at me with a startled look and started to say something..I said, ” no, I’m sorry, but we’re through.” She looked at her friends, then back at me and started to laugh. I was invited to sit down. It was a great evening. Thank you.

  185. Cole

    I’ve never used this on a girl I’ve wanted to hook up with or anything… But I have used it on a ton of girls that I’ve wanted to break the ice with and be friends with. Usually right after a fun topic is completed I would ask, “So can I ask you a serious question?” But with a light-hearted upbeat voice. When she says, “Yeah, what is it?” Immediately(maybe even right as she says ‘is it’) blurt out, “How do you feel about lesbian sex?!” in a kinda nerdy inquisitive and higher-pitched voice. She’ll be like, “What..?” And then I immediately say, “I feel strongly. Very strongly.” In a very calculated and confident way then smile big and laugh. By that time I usually have another topic to talk about and the convo continues. I always get a laugh afterwards. It never fails to blindside the girl. Haha. Idk if that works for or against me but it’s always funny to me.

  186. Anonymous

    Walk up to the girl and say: ” You can’t be here? she will say huh? why? and you then say because the hot and pretty girls don’t show up til 12

  187. Rev

    What about if she says, “do you say that to all the girls?” or something similar to that?

  188. Maximilian

    This is just great stuff! Thanks Josh & other members!

  189. Robertson Cerqueira

    (As you walk by smiling) You look sexy when I walk.

  190. mathew badass

    when she says what school she graduated.
    banter: “i mom didn’t allow me to study there…, she said, there are lots of naughty girls there.”

  191. Leighton K

    Banter for the middle of the convo: You aren’t one of those chicks who says “I caught one of my 5 boyfriends cheating…I’ll never trust men again” are ya?………example of a presumptive close

  192. Leighton K

    One for the older badasses……………….Banter in the middle of the convo……You ask her knowing its a Friday “Is today Friday or Saturday?” she automatically says “Friday!” You say “Oh good, I aint as old as I thought”…………………………………………………………………..just remember yer as old as the gal ya feel :)

  193. Bryan M

    There were some helpful lines, however, I feel most of the things I read in the comments directly conradicted what was taught in TTOBA.

  194. mathew badass

    So if drinking alcohol makes someone an alcoholic. Does drinking Fanta make me fantastic? :))

  195. So I saw this girl at the train station and she was giving people the evils. She was pretty cute and it got me thinking what I could say to her. I came up with this…

    We’re not even married yet and you’re giving me murder eyes!?

  196. Thomas

    Girl: “I have a boyfriend”
    Guy “I have a goldfish”
    Girl: With confused look: “What?”
    Guy: ” Oh Oh, I thought we were talking about shit that doesnt matter.”

  197. Jondy

    ok If my friends come over, we met in *random town name* in *random country* during *random event* and this time I saved your life.

  198. Ky

    You: random banter
    Her: eff u or middle finger
    You: don’t say it unless you mean it, don’t give her time to think about
    It run right back into banter. In other words make sure your not waiting
    On an answer..good one tried tested and true..

  199. BlackHearted

    Light up a cigarette in front of her* (if you do smoke)

    Her: Omg you smoke? / I didn’t know you smoke.
    You: No but am smokin. (blunt reply but not overdone – continue with the conversation if she looks surprised. If she laughs, laugh with her OR smile lightly maintaining eye contact. Touch the side of her arm simultaneously for which ever floats your boat)

  200. fred eckler

    I ll bet you have a lot of guys ,,standing on line waiting on you !!! well,,, I got news for them all ,,,Im taking cuts !!! :0) this works like a charm ,,, mildly confident ,,yet powerful ,to her ,,, this really makes her think about you alot even , while your away ,,, enjoy , this is one of my favorites ,,, and works really well,,, on her mind s thought process about you ,,,

  201. Max

    Hey did you know i’m a bit of a stud? Well, almost, I’ve got the STD now all i need is U.

  202. Johnny le

    WALKS OVER TO THE GIRL: hey! can you look on my head? every time i look at you it turns on *tries to look up*

  203. Chau Tran

    When the waiter or waitress approaches to take your order. Tell the the person in a audible tone, “She wants to know what (drink, appetizer, dish, etc) will get her into the mood?”

  204. GGWB

    “you smell like my mom, is that weird” humorous banter

  205. Derrick Pickett

    I met a girl at a bookstore. While bantering she dropped her book.

    Me: Oh and she’s graceful too!

  206. Michael Giordano

    nice shoes…wanna fuck?

  207. Scott K

    After a congruence test by another girl trying to protect her girls, say….”Well aren’t you just a bag of sunshine!”


    Stumbled on this last night… Hot girl walks toward the empty stool next to me (at a bar)and before she can sit I immediately take her spot playfully…Wait for two seconds then let her have a seat. Same effect as a banter line she laughed I was in.

  209. dubdub

    do you whant to come with me to the “we just killed lots of people dance”

  210. dubdub

    i think im way out of your luege

  211. anon

    in response to Ard
    Ok so good looking women in bars with a lot of attitude use congruence test to crack guys into a sniveling wimp. One method of doing so is attacking their sexuality. (i.e. your beard looks gay) or other negative connotation. Most guys will fail this test automatically by backhanding her in the face. Of course it also means you blow your chances plus an arrest warrant for assault.


    Is there a list of responses to negative congruence test?”

    don’t respond with anything verbal, just brush it off and laugh. Make sure you laugh genuinely though. Sincere laughter will pass a congruence test 100% of the time. As Josh put it, if you laugh in social situations in front of strangers, it shows you’re not afraid to be vulnerable. And if you show that your not afraid to be vulnerable, then it proves you’re confident.

  212. ALBERT C

    (Use if she grabs your ass for the first time)
    Ahem…..that’s my ass not ours!

  213. alvin lecker

    Did you just touch me? that ok i like you too.

  214. Dragon Le

    I want to be the reason you look down at your phone and smile. Then walk into a pole.

  215. Robert B

    When she say’s you’re nice or compliments you on something; “Thanks, but don’t tell anyone, it’ll ruin my reputation.”

  216. skar

    do you like me? “yeah sure” (look of excitement) your nose isn’t growing!!
    “ew no” (sly grin) your nose just grew a little

  217. david

    could you help me stop my friend from embarassing himself with you nice firend.

  218. David

    I’m really enjoying this stuff an after 2 days of reading I put it work and it was perfection at its best. I’m on girl number 3 and its damn sure priceless info now. I nearly feel guilty but not quite.
    I said “your going to have to stop staring at my “package” or I’ll continue to get aroused.” She said “sorry” then smiled and actually did it and I caught her. We both began to smile then.

  219. Kevin D.

    Back in the day , one of my old running buds had business sized cards printed up.
    While we were on our weekly prowls at the dance halls we would end up asking every good looking gal in the place to dance at some point .
    If my bud got a rejection he’d just move on to the next choice. { A song or 2 later } Get it ??
    Later on , he’d pick a couple of the best or rudest wthe , who rejected him for a second chance to dance , knowing the gal would likely turn him down again.
    That’s when he would present the gal with one of his Bar Business cards.
    On the front it had an icon of a booty in lacy panties & it read as follows.

    ” Free Pair of Space Panties”. ” See other side for details.”

    Other side read ” For the girl who thinks her azz is out of this world.”

    It Worked most the time. LOL

  220. tim n

    “Excuse me miss, you’re going to need to put that (or those) thing(s) away please…”
    “What thing?”
    (Look at her ass or tits, whatever she is clearly drawing attention to)
    “You might hurt someone! You’re definitely hurting people’s feelings as we speak.”

    “Do you have a VIP wristband (checks forearm). I’m going to have to call security and have you escorted out”

    Sweet dreams… Make sure to clean your sheets in the morning if I’m involved in them.

  221. you look like you have done well I bet your a real go getter think you could go get her for me just kidding I better do that one myself.

  222. I take it you were in the small yellow bus

  223. honey while your up could you bring me a beer

  224. you cant hear me when your talking “your sorry” you know yourself to well you’ll have to text us some pathetic excuse It takes a lot of at ta girls to make up for a sorry bitch probably my smart phone plan wont let me make that kind of call I was gonna call some fun people and meet them here can you wait let me borrow your phone and I can find out there release date. high no I just ate a whole bag of green m n m s and there starting to work you want one for a shot and a chaser I,ll trade you straight across two beers you call me shady then say please stand up and I,ll say What then back it up did you come with the band or where you in separate vehicles is this e group or just a turn out for burn outs and groupies …. nice hoops earrings I’m a monarch fan that’s what my cats name is but up so its what up but up I bet she would like you too I call her name out and guess what she does,! you reminder when you meet her and
    I,ll help you fill out the paper work can you type at all.

  225. MRS JA

    If she says something ridiculous: ermmm *look around and pretend to shout out* “I’m not with this person”

    Similarly if you do something which she may find weird or embarrassing like dancing in a funny way (deliberately), hold her close to you and shout out “she’s with me”

  226. John Sullivan

    When the conversation is on a bit of a roll

    You’re a whole lot more fun when you’re a little bit naughty

  227. Jon

    Did you invite all these people? I thought it was just going to be the two of us.

  228. BLake

    With a serious face and good eye contact; pause at the dots.
    “Your face…”
    “I like that shit”

  229. Mike S

    Great light banter to use when the cashier is just too cute to pass up:

    1* Look at her with a slightly perplexed face
    2* Wait until she acknowledges your expression (it usually comes in the form of a similarly perplexed, “what?”… and hopefully a smile! :P
    3* Quickly change your expression and reply playfully: “Oh!— I’m sorry! I was only trying to decide whether you’d look better in paper or plastic when I take you home!”

    I have to say…It works pretty well for me—and hopefully it’ll work well for you guys too! Cheers! :)

  230. Marc Jones

    After A ‘Congruence Test’ :

    Is that what you say to most men when you are trying to flirt with them?

  231. Marc Jones

    After a ‘Congruence Test’:

    -Is that what you say to most men when you are trying to flirt with them?


    -Are you trying to hit on me?

  232. Zachary

    “my name is xxx”
    “xxx, thats a pretty name, like your face”


    “Give me your number and I promise to never call you”

  233. Jordan T.

    1. “I saw you staring at me from across the room. I’m not a piece of meat, ya know.” 2. “Is that seat taken? Because it has my name written all over it.”

  234. gary

    just wonderin i sent for the program and paid the bill when do i get it!?

  235. J M

    Hey, you know whats fuckin’ awesome? * – * me :D make sure you use that one as a tease not as an opening its pretty smooth when it works out

  236. DL

    If She Compliments You On Something Specific (unoriginal – Will Smith did it):
    I made it look good!

  237. Don’ TEASE me with a good time…

  238. Jean Paquette

    I’m feeling a little shy….. can you help me out…

  239. Brandon Cunningham

    When she spills her drink. “*jokingly* You had one job. Keep the drink in the cup.

  240. tay

    hi, i was blinded by your sexiness, im gonna need your name and phone number for insurance reasons?


    These are so awesome, I kinda need to change them all tough.. would be odd if I went up to a girl and started bantering on english :p since thats not my language :p

  242. matthew

    this worked 4 me a few times. don’t know where you wanna put it or what. or if it’s good for a banter line. “i lost my teddy bear, can i sleep with you instead?” also if a girl makes a comment about you having a small penis you can say “it’s little but it’s cute and it likes you.” my grand pap said that to my neighbor when he was 89 years old. he was a great guy, he died at 92. i wish i could remember more of what he said because he was good.

  243. matthew

    also the old saying “i’m not a piece of meat, quit treating me like this..”

  244. Jason C

    Mid-Conversation line if everything is panning out for you (you already know her name). Negative body language and a perplexed look on your face while staring at your phone. You’ve just created a new contact with her name on it, place of business if known, and something unique about her (Ex. Jennifer, Gorgeous eyes from *Restaurant*)

    You’re either going to get a concerned response which “what’s wrong?” to which you respond appropriately or an annoyed response and a potential walk off.

    Regardless of which one, this is your line: I’m sorry are you any good with SmartPhones?

    Her: Not sure/I don’t know/Maybe . . . what’s wrong?

    Change your posture, positive body language and face her directly. Hand your phone over, let her see the compliment (should be one you haven’t yet said to her) and reply, “All this new technology gets me . . . you see I know you’re name but can’t figure out how to input your phone number . . .”

    If she doesn’t smile and immediately start putting it in you’ve messed up. I came up with this scenario after a few drinks at a bar 2 weeks ago and have used it over a dozen times and it has YET to fail. It’s cute, endearing, technical, well thought out, and you’re letting them “win”.

    Icing on the cake? Now that they’re vulnerable, your work for the night is done. Shake her hand, kiss her cheek, say it was nice to meet you and walk away. They will either come find you or be anxiously awaiting your call/text.

  245. GABE B

    I was walking by and you caught my eye,Could i have it back?

  246. Joel

    learn a simple phrase in another language like (Spanish or french…) just say it..
    she will be like…
    “what you said?”

    “Sorry (Spanish or french) lesson are not free…If you want to know I’m gonna have to charge you…”

    works all the time….

  247. Phillip

    when she says something ridiculous:
    i think your day pass just expired…

  248. Frank

    what do you think of a guy who is worried about taking a condom to a church event?

  249. AK47

    Best recovery line, worked 3/3 for me:

    Her: Sorry I have a boyfriend.

    Me: Then its about time you upgraded to a ManFriend !

  250. Nathan W.

    If She Drops or Spills Something:

    Don’t worry no one saw you…. well.. except maybe 3 or 4 people beside you, including myself. But hey, I promise i’m not judging you for it.

  251. Mr N

    If she mentions that its hot or too hot in the venue say: ” Sorry, I have that effect on women.”

  252. Tylor Arnold

    To say in the middle of a conversation.
    Did you get spankings when you were younger?

  253. Verhelst Kenneth

    “Are you trying to give me a boner?”

  254. Verhelst Kenneth

    Stop fishing for compliments

  255. Verhelst Kenneth

    Do you have any STD’s?

  256. Jo J

    hey i saw you checking me out earlier, figured i’d stop by so you can get a better view ;)

  257. Dustin Hindmarch

    “NOO!…I will not make out with you for a dollar…make it a two dollar bill and you got a deal!

  258. Thomas Francis

    When she drops or spills something: “Wow, we can’t take you anywhere.” Or…….. “Jeeze, you’re a mess. You’re all over the place.”

  259. Evan

    This has worked well for me in getting a laugh from a girl and she is standing right in front of you.
    Say you are at a cafe and waiting on a smoothee and you see a girl in the parking lot walking towards the door. You step outside open the door and when she get right up to you kind of step in front of her . stick you hand and say “that wiil be $3.00″ and she will look up and say “what ?” and your reply is, “we are having a band later on “. It will crack her up everytime !

  260. jim countryman

    wow! is that all you guys got? I’ve done better with much more simperle than that!

  261. Anonymous

    for when she blows up your phone while texting,u better watch it my lil terrorist dont make me get the cia

  262. Mark Riser

    my penis is so polite it stands up to give ladys a place to sit down

  263. Drew Canale

    Here’s a situational banter…

    If the girl you are talking to mentions seeing people she knows or how she doesn’t know many people there, meeting up with her friends, or appears to be looking around for someone, say something like: “Hey, why you worried about seeing other people (people you know/your friend/whatever)… you know ME now… that’s all that matters.” (Must say it playfully and finish with a grin or you will come off as arrogant)

    If you’ve played your cards right so far into the conversation, and this comes up… it will be huge. Even if she’s looking for an escape, it could turn things around.

    Example: You’ve been speaking to her for a hot minute, and she looks around and says “Where is everyone? I usually know a lot of people here…” Reply: “Don’t be worried about knowing other people here… You know me now, and that’s all that matters.” (Smile)
    This says so many things. It’s playful, funny, charming, and let’s her know she’s safe with you. It should draw her into qualifying herself, if she hasn’t already.

  264. Shaun Lyon

    There is some gold material on here, well done gents.

    I good little ice breaker which has a high strike rate of starting a conversation with a random girl, just say to her

    ‘Yeah good thanks’

    Girl: ‘excuse me?!’ or ‘what?!’

    ‘Didn’t you just as me how I was doing?’

    If the response is a smile or a giggle then conversation is started

  265. Benjamin Taype

    Hey you know what i always say when some cute girl spills her drink? “okay youre cut off” and then you smile… it always works!

  266. Manny Sotomayor

    Apart from being sexy what do you do for a living?

  267. Mr. Major

    You can use this at anytime throughout your preliminary conversation, but I’ve been using it as an icebreaker and it has been working well in the last month or so…..

    “I would really appreciate it if you would please stop undressing me with your eyes”
    “Will you do me a favor and tell your friend to stop undressing me with her eyes please?”

    They ALWAYS laugh and find me much more interesting after that one…..

  268. Mr. Major

    Don’t stand so close to me please, I feel really ugly compared to you….

  269. shawn spence

    Not bad, i must say though i live in Canada and the girls r different here, and i know u believe they work, up until about 6-7 years ago i could swoose a girl into sex almost at will, im 52 years old now and although believe it or not i have slept with well over 100 women in my life, but for the last few years i just dont seem to have it anymore and i figure it to be my age, what do u think, i know im an attractive man and I have a certain carisma about me but it just seems to have disappeared and its getting very frustrating, so i will try out your methods in hopes my situation changes.


    Hey, myself says hi, what do you want me to tell him?

  271. Jake Xerri

    (walks past attractive girl, makes eye contact),
    (stop, and proceed to moonwalk alongside her, keeping eye contact with her). When she asks you what you’re doing, say “I’m just trying to make time go backwards so that I can walk past you again,”
    (warning, try not to run into anything ;) )

  272. MR JASON

    ”So whats a nice guy like me doing in a dirty mind like yours then?”

    I’m English so a fair amount of the banter I’ve seen on here so far is good but has to be changed into my words to suit the way I deliver it. Good advice there for everyone ;)

  273. MR JASON

    I can tell you like me, I can see your tail wagging ;) (cheeky smile)

  274. Jarvik7

    For when the lights come on in a bar or you see a target in a well lit spot.

    Wow! I would have never imagined you would look that good well lit.

  275. george edwards

    if she asks you to buy her a drink : sorry, you’re gonna have try harder then that if im gonna buy you a drink

  276. kim O'Farrell

    If a girl is alone, “its nice seeing you here with all your friends”

  277. Aber12

    when she tells you that she has a boyfriend reply: Oh ok, well I have two Gold Fish (she’ll reply with a weird look or a “What”) reply: Oh im sorry I thought we were talking about things that didn’t matter (confidently and playfuly)

  278. Musonda Mumba

    Can you put this in a downloadable format please!

  279. Romas

    If she compliments on your colths: well you know what they say, its not the pants that makes the man but the man that makes the pants!

  280. Michael Beattie

    It’s really bothering me, your bag doesn’t match my shoes.

  281. Dave R

    If She Compliments You On Something Specific (clothes, haircut, etc.)

    Thanks, I do what I can…

  282. mathew_badass

    Longest banter line:

    When i make bells ring in your stomach
    When i make your eyes dance like fire
    When i make you forget your name which i will never do
    Carrie carrie carrie, the words that rhymes with marry

    But why worry, why bother, why should we take conjugal rights
    when we could have marital nights,
    coital fireworks dancing between our thighs,

    Let me be shipwreck with you
    Let me be a pirate king
    Let us dance subaquaticly

    Let us lose our identity in the glorious union
    Our two nations aren’t that different
    If we can attack iraq, let us attack back
    Lets open each other up There is orgasm, that spasm, that inspires,….

  283. david costa

    When a girl says you cant handle this:

    Response: Not only can i handle you but i will do it with one hand behind my back and tame you till you prrr like a kitten

  284. Joseph D

    When she gives you her name say, “Oh that was my mothers name” she’ll say, “really?” or something like that EVERY time. Just say in a kind of like you can’t remember tone, “I don’t know, was it?” And laugh.

  285. nick

    Hope you don’t mind me saying, but you have a lovely body…can I borrow it ?….I promise I’ll give it back to you in the morning….

  286. Colton P.

    **********************************Josh, I use this line alot and it has a great success rate.

    Mid convo after she acknowledges something good about me.

    “Thanks, but please, dont put me on a pedi-stool, I’m afraid of heights.” ;)

  287. David Sorrentino

    When hitting on waitresses: “I almost died of dehydration waiting for you!” Playful with holding left eye contact.

  288. chase anderson

    The cube routine is good because I love psych and Segway’s nicely into reading others and gets her primed for another cold read about others bodylanguage then cycle back to her for a cold reading qualifyer

  289. chase anderson

    add on to Douglas’s don’t worry I don’t bite, I lie but I don’t bite

  290. chase anderson

    don’t worry I don’t bite, I lie but I don’t bite
    also I don’t make out with strangers. exchange names and say like forest gump well I guess we ain’t strangers no more

  291. Robert John

    Most of what the members posted here are one liners. They’re ok as openers but what is an opener without follow up content? Nothing. What the guys here must do (myself included) is learn how to make fun conversation that will get them moving through the steps of attraction. Without any PUA training I used to go clubbing and make out with a different girl every week and it amounted to nothing. I had hundreds of phone numbers but not one of them was for a girl that I had a connection with.

    Some of you guys are really inexperienced and for you these lines are great because they will at least get you to talk to a decent looking female. But don’t fall in love with the brief moment of approval that comes with her smile or laugh. It’s an important first step but it is only step 1 out of 100. It’s a long road but I think that it will be worth it.

  292. chris boiciuc

    (tell a friend while passing by a girl) “ughhh! im tired of women that just want to get in my pants before even getting to know me”

  293. mitch b

    If she spills somthing… its ok…i have that effect on most girls

  294. seth woodell

    Passing by: Look, this place isn’t big enough for two good looking people. So, if you are going to stay you have to promise to not cock block me.

  295. seth woodell

    After a congruence test: Do you guys let her out often? because that is adorable.
    OR Not now honey I’m trying to talk to the nice people here.

  296. seth woodell

    After an initial congruence test: Cock your head a little to the side and raise eyebrow. Alright. Now let’s find you someone as angry as yourself… the rest of us can have fun!

  297. Phillip

    Just had to go toilet,, when you come back

    “im sorry i was a long time there was a mirror in the toilet and I couldnt stop looking at it”

  298. Matthijs van

    If you buy her a drink before you have met her: hey excuse me, you dropped this.

  299. Celal Korcegez

    You: how do I do it
    Her: do what
    You: talk to you an not sound like every other guy

    Worked for me

  300. Harry

    (When passing an attractive women) “Excuse me, do you know where the reception is? ( Or Any local location) Her: Yeah it’s . . . You: I knew where is was i just wanted an excuse to have a conversation with you. Hi i’m . . .

  301. Serc

    Hey Guys Listen up!! if want that girl loves ur humor – try this!!!!!!
    u are talkin 2 her u got a litlle conversation going – try 2 get a little break and wait that she is tryin 2 say somethin 2 you like ” i love this atmospere here or my drink taste really good or something thats just sounds like that she want 2 beginn a conversation ” all u have 2 do is say ” oh thank u that would be awsome ” or something like this – and get a negative BL with a smile – keep smiling and watch her reaction (just turning ur head and keep smilin with that look in ur eyes that u want to give it 2 her doggystyle and u the best doggystler in the whole world) – when she looks at u askin 4 “what u have understand” u just simply say “didnt u say that u find me absolutly awsome and u want 2 seduce me on ur ownway 2night ” just watch her reaction and smile and give her a kiss (not agressive) on her leftcheek (where u allready standin hopefully on her lefteye and ear side) and this is the time where u can autmaticaly touch her lower lower back just a littlebit above her right ass cheek – Cheers – Ps: Josh if u read this – please give me a private later where i can ask u just one really importent question 2 master all u have learned me – because the step i just wrote above is ur perfectioned work that i have thinked and read about times and times and times – I LUV u that u turned me from a unsure freak into a something that everybody wants to hang with

  302. Michael

    O.K., I get the concept. And sometimes what one says doesn’t matter anyway.However, do these lines work on women with a brain or do we wait on ‘em to hop off the short bus?

  303. chase anderson

    ard- you mention tips for women in places that give them high social status. specifically bars. One method is banter lines that use an element mystery a pua uses to supplement most of his game. The idea is to give a backhanded compliment or a complement she has to work for. such as your hair would look nice up. or when he would show off his illusions she would be like more. he would jokingly call her demanding. he would approach women and have a piece of lint which he would pretend to pick off him. the idea wasn’t to lower her self worth but simply raise your own above theirs and subtly do it. neil strauss also built much of his game around it. this made it hard to attract several types of women met in certain environments. the book The Game covers it well. these techniques work well on high status women whether it is a constant status or circumstantial. This allowed a pua to pick up paris Hilton, Brittney spears (no close), and Courtney love, as well as several unnamed pornstars.

  304. Joakim Lindoff

    I only use a small amount of these lines,Ive picked the ones that fits me best! Also its interesting how much better I am at escalating attraction speaking english than swedish,due to the fact that TAO is in english

  305. will

    can you guys help me out with conversation starters? That the part im having the most trouble with.

  306. Lawrence Berg

    Clever, but definitely a bit juvenile (for the most part) How about; “Do you know what four documents comprise the Organic Law of the Nation) hint: they are listed in the beginning of Volume I of the United States Code. After she (or he) doesn’t qualify on a political level (which 99% won’t) I might get even more “light and fluffy”.

  307. EE

    Here is one (which most of us have witnessed or been in)! Men get your revenge!!! lol Sitting in a bar and watched this absolute HOTT 10 1/2 (snoty) turn down about 8 to 10 men who asked her to dance, one right after the other….I thought for a sec…ok my turn…I new what she was going to say so it didnt matter to me what I said (HEHE)! I asked “would you like to dance?” and with out hardly even looking at me “NO” immediately I said “WHAT… you being picky…I’m not!” she slapped here hands on the table and uncrossed her legs and looked right at me with discuss…..I quickly eyed her body in the chair from head to toe and looked into her eyes and said “Thats ok….your too fat anyway!’ I walked over and sat back down. Not ten minutes later she brought me over a drink and appoligized for saying no….and asked if I wanted to get out of there and go for a drive somewhere more quite…….GUESS WHO SCORED THAT 10 1/2 THAT NIGHT!!!!

  308. daniel

    Im not sure this would work but im try it out

    Girl, buy me a drijk.
    You, order a beer or what ever drink you drink and a water. Give here the water walk away and let the chase begin

  309. Nick

    As a conversation springboard, I ask, “Do you sing in the car?” Catches women off guard every time. Gotta be totally unabashed about it to show you’re not afraid to joke with her right off the bat. I’ve used it dozens of times and it has never failed.

    Except the time my ex found out I’d used it on the girl before her, and the one before her…

  310. Roger P

    I used this one a few times in the middle of a conversation on girls who got a bit sassy, with great results. “Just because you’re cute and you sommmmetimes make me laugh, doesn’t mean I won’t spank your little ass right here in front of everyone”

    I opened a 3 set straight up like this. “Have you ever in your life met a better looking man than Roger _______?” HB: Who’s that? (With a big cheeky smile) “That’s me.” I kept great eye contact with them and used pauses.

  311. Greg Hyatt

    You didn’t tell me you played pool! Mabey you’d like to play with ME sometime.

  312. erlend hammer

    you have so white teeth

  313. Russ Morrow

    You must be the one that put N-E-S-S in Sweetness

  314. John MicheaL Musaazi

    hey i hope u don’t mind me saying this but i really think your cute and i would kick my self in the head if i didn’t come say hi to you. so whats your name

  315. HEY JOSH!! heres my banter line for the work enviroment..when you meet someone new, someone you like, or someone whos atrracted to you in any social non-sexual way the best thing i found to say to her is well, “you are the most dedicated person here i guess ill ask you”… it gives her a reason to talk to you but then when you start to go into the QUESTION whatever it is may be, follow it up with something completely rediculous and fun and she’ll have something to think about and you will be the common denominator in that thought while you are doing your job

  316. Chris

    (Can alter depending on your skin tone)
    You; Ok I’m here
    Her: What?
    You: You did order a tall brown sexy cappuccino right?

  317. kenneth scheper

    I noticed you noticing me so I’m just givin ya some notice I noticed you too.

  318. Beau Boucher

    If she says something ridiculous, “I have to go return some video tapes. Will you watch my drink and make sure nobody roofies it?”

  319. Bobby C

    Wow, I was just telling myself this morning I’m not gonna let beautiful women take me home anymore.

  320. jackson

    Hi my name is … Your name …. Let me write it down for you …. Write on her arm with a marker or pen , your name … cause I can tell you’re paying too much attention to me to remember what I’m saying. Make sure you touch her shoulder when you say paying. Pimpin

  321. brandon

    where have you been all my life , line is golden usually followed by here waiting for you

  322. Luke GJ

    If she drops or spills something: “Yea, I remember my first drink”

  323. Alex

    i have had good responses to “oh, you would like that wouldn’t you” when we says something either flirty or if she wants you to do something for her like passing her a drink.

  324. Jcruz

    Her: I have a man or boyfriend/husband
    Him:I have a nice car
    Her: so or I don’t care

  325. Alex M

    One of my favorites is when I’m around a woman, on a date, or minding my own business and a guy whistles at her. I simply say to him loud enough for her to hear,”Haw thanks! I HAVE been working out…”

    Another I love to use: PLEASE stop undressing me with your eyes..I’m not some kind of meat for you to oogle at.

    Of course these are used in a playful tone with a smirk or smile at the end.

  326. Alex M

    Catch her looking at your junk:Um..exCUSE me…I’m up here..” The sort of role reversal comments are great ice breakers and always get em to laugh.

  327. Roy Omori

    I’ll be your wing man and you be mine. If you see any cute guys let me know !

  328. drakkonwd

    (Works best in a small group, sounds creepy one on one) Answer to the question ‘how are you?’
    Reply: I’m bored with being this beautiful.

  329. Julio

    This works if your both are having a conversation and she’s start to talk dirty in a smooth way or if she ask you for directions to go somewhere you say….
    You like curves ones huh? You like to take conversations in a different direction…(during a dirty conversation )
    If she wants to know where to go it could either be left or right
    Just tell her you like curve ones right ? With a little smile on your face
    Just go take the curve one to your left-right or straight to my head -and if she says ohh so your one of those guys huh ?
    You could either admit it or acused her of thinking dirty with a little smile on your face!
    And wala you would have this chick thinking about sex already !.

  330. david mills

    Fun multitask showman banter (Have back to crowd)

    “Lets find you a man… actually I have to perfect thing for you!”
    reach into your pocket and pull out your hand and present it.. “The perfect man finder!”
    But in order for it to work it needs a sample of the participant. Hold out your hand and ask her to touch your palm like a button (gets her to touch you playfully)
    Start it up (i use a lawn mower string) and spin your pointed finger in circles and start making the wheel of fortune *boops* with your mouth
    slow down and land pointing to yourself. act suprised
    When you catch her eye, look over your shoulder to the crowd behind you and point to some guy.
    “There he is!”

  331. Dru

    When someone at a till asks “how are you today?”… I answer “Awake…” (When They will smile deliver the rest of the statement) “It’s a good start for something?” I’ve used this for a long long time and all ways get a smile 100% of the time from women and men… See if its a gooder…

  332. sean mcmurray

    (Offer the sleeve of your shirt to her-holding outward toward her) “Do you know what this is?” (Pause for guessing and thought.) “Boyfriend material”.

  333. Rufus L

    Beginning of a convocation :

    You have something on your mouth ( as she reach tward her mouth ) say its a smaile keep it.

  334. Harry

    @Jon… The step bros quote is fantastic haha I’m going to endeavor to make that work.
    Fyi stepbrothers – fav movie

  335. Brian

    I know you said they have been tested many times. And they really work? Some of them seem like they would make a girl give you a very awkward look and be weirded out by you. Like a Beginning line with grabbing for her drink. How do they normall react to that one or some like it?

  336. if their is a group of girls or just one sit down and say sorry im late

  337. David J McQuillan

    I can not access the book will you help?

  338. Raivis Ostrovskis

    I have checked out quite a bit of the material on this website and i must bring it down to you, guys – too many banter lines that you have offered in the comments come across as needy or describes the one giving the banter lines as one of a low/-er value. If you did take your time to get familiar with the material and major concepts, then you should realize this

  339. Derrek Ingledue

    2 Banter lines
    1. If she says something ridiculous…
    “Try hitting Control Alt Delete.”
    That one may not work as it depends on her being at least somewhat acquainted with a computer.
    2. If you fall/trip
    “Yeah, I just tripped over my gigantic wang. Happens all the time. Damn thing is like a malicious ball python.”
    Even better, if she notices that your pants are zipped, “I know. It coils around my ankle if I don’t pay attention. Very malicious.”
    This one I got from Questionable Content, the webcomic.

  340. Richard Nyakyoma

    If she push throw in a crowded place dude you wanna take it outside with cheeky smile

  341. Phillip

    If She Drops or Spills Something: (Looking at her Smiling/Laughing) Wow. I can’t take you anywhere, can I?

  342. grant a

    Did I tell you you were sexy and good looking,,,,,,, I might !

  343. John White

    When I was in the Army, I took a new gal to a drive-in movie. We sat there, snuggling through the first hour. Then, I turned to her and asked, “What would you say or how would you feel if I said I didn’t want to go to bed with you?”

    I already knew the answer. Any woman would wonder what where she was lacking. Anyway, I turned away from her for about 15 min to allow my question to simmer. Then, I leaned over, gave her a peck on the cheek and said, “Rest assured, I DO want to and will, given half a chance.”

    That’s the line. Now, the trigger. Movie’s over. I ask, “Its still early. WE could go back to my place or I could take you home.” Guess what she chose! Yep, my place for an all nighter.


    your in love with me but you dont know yet

  345. Ryan Link

    This would work great now because it’s getting warmer out. You see a hot girl in a sun dress, so you walk up to her and say, “Wow, I really like your dress. Did you put that on for me?”

  346. David

    I saw this one and thought it was brilliant. A guy (mid 30′s) was introduced to a girl by a group. They said hi and she asked ‘how are you?’ He replied, ‘having a less and less hair day.’ Everyone chuckled. He kept going ‘I had one yesterday and the day before that. Soon you’ll be able to see my horns’ and kind of held his hand in front of his forehead like he was hiding something. The smart-ass smile and good negative body language. He nailed it.

  347. Joshua Schrum

    My friend came up with this and it works so well.

    When a cute girl is walking about raise you’re hand like your in school and point at her and say
    “I’m judging you! *slight pause* For being so damn cute”

  348. Branden

    If she has candy or something ask, “Oh hey, could I have some of that?” she’ll usually say yes, then you say; “Ew, those are gross–nevermind.”

  349. Jackson

    “Shhh its ok” drives em crazy

  350. Evan D

    Beginning Banter:
    You’re probably wondering why I’ve asked you here tonight.

  351. Tiktox

    If she arrives at the bar to get a drink and is standing next to you (happens a lot), gesture her move on. “I was hoping you’d keep going; I’m intrigued by your walk”.

  352. Tiktox

    If you want a great ‘in’ for an approacht, this works in busy bars. Ask her to watch your drink for a few minutes because you have something important to do. She’ll almost always say “Sure”. If not just smile, shrug and say “I almost trusted you!” or “I had 10 bucks on you saying ‘Yes’”. She’ll feel compelled to explain why and seek your approval or look plain mean.

  353. Anonymous


  354. Michael Bowie

    Josh, that line for beginning the conversation saying that ‘I saw you checking me out, I was afraid if I didn’t come over here and say hi that you’d follow me home later’ KILLED. I said that to a girl at Voodoo nightclub in Windsor, ON last night, and immediately she started flirting with me and introduced me to everybody in her bachelorette group. Cheers.

  355. raul

    I just used this yesterday. There was this super hot girl, midday shopping in the our local mall. Gorgeous, tall perfect body, long legs…and wearing on of these new tights that seem just like skin, black shinny. I approached her, looking straight at her eyes I said, “I like your pants….” When she responded “thanks..” I added grabbing my jeans..”do you want to swap?” She laughed, said no and then added “thanks for the compliment” She is in my “targets” list now. PS: I was not able to continue as I had my girl close by.

  356. Do you believe in love at first site? Because if you don’t I can go out and come back in.

  357. Drew Jones

    Are you always this flirtatious with someone you just met?

  358. Oskar B

    If you see a cute girl at a restaurant, park ect. Sit down right next to her and say, “there was literally nowhere else to sit.” (this works especially well if no one is around)

  359. Nick

    girl: i have a boyfriend

    “we just meet and your already telling me your problems”

  360. PAUL T

    Friends, had a win with this one a few weeks back: Had quite an attractive lady approach us at the bar, and start talking to me. Anyway, I could not for the life of me figure out who she was…. So she began to explain where she had seen me previously, to where it just came out, and somehow with style…. “Oh yeah, I do remember you now. You’re that chick I saw the other day with the awesome tits, aren’t you?

    If only body language could speak it’s words to be heard! It was like a sub atomic bomb had just come through and wiped away any barriers left! And as we say, that was ‘game, set, match!’

  361. Ryan R.

    I think you dropped that.

  362. David Xaviel

    I think we’ve met before, but that might have been your evil twin.

  363. nicholas perry

    Maybe use this one before you dance with a girl, a girl dances for you, your about to mess around with a girl, etc etc..

    “I’m not to sure if this [what your about to do] is a great idea, I swore to myself that I would never put up with anything high maintenance, unless if it it’s high performance..”

  364. Luis Guillermo

    If she drops something ” OMG let me see if the floor suffered any damage”
    if bumps in to you say”wow I know you want to touch me but next time try to grab my ass”
    After a connection is made and you have confidence “Grab your hand with the other hand as if it was and object and show it to her then say Hold on to this while I go for a walk ill be back in a few

  365. Can you watch my drink? I’m going for a smoke, and if you’re gonna roofie it at LEAST double, cuz my tolerance is pretty high and I’m trying to have a good time.

  366. herbert hillman

    you are so hot you make the devil sweat!!!!

  367. Joel

    What the hell’s goin’ on here!!

  368. Destry Jones

    “Thanks. I like it too; you can’t have it!” (Used when a girl says: “Hey, I like your belt buckle, hat, etc.”)

  369. Destry Jones

    If a girl says: “I have a boyfriend.”
    Your response: “And I have a ferret! …Oh, sorry, I thought we were talking about irrelevant things, here.

  370. Ben A

    At the beginning of a conversation, “Hey, I can’t get over how familiar you look. Did you try to pick me up one night/did we hook up when I was really drunk?”

  371. If She says: “Nice Shirt” say: “I like what’s under Yours too” and go to the bathroom.

  372. Todd Cummins

    I’ve got a funny feeling i’m going to kiss you later (then walk away)

  373. clay

    you’re ugly but you fascinate me….

  374. Court

    Congruence test response:
    You know I’ve met some 6’s who became 9’s because of a great personality. I’ve met even more 9’s who became 5’s because of a shitty one. (said either sardonically or with a smile)

  375. francisco

    A banter generator app would be cool!

    My friends say I need to be harder to get in the sack; I can’t talk to you right now.

  376. Ivan P

    One of the spill lines i’ve used in the past that usually gets a positive reaction”

    “See, this is why we can’t go to nice places”.

    But I guess that’s the same as “this is why we can’t have nice things”.

  377. Luchador

    My mother explicitly warned me about women like you.

  378. With false indignation: “Excuse me! Are you following me?”

    No? Well, damn!

  379. Chris Reichner

    You look like you might be trouble, but I’m a risk taker.

  380. Marc

    Use the guy’s line in the last Star Trek flick —

    “if you don’t tell me your name, I’ll have to make one up for you.” (if she won’t say here name when you ask)

  381. Anonymous

    Opening line to a tall girl wearing boots (helps if you can look directly into her eyes); Are you really that tall or is it just the boots?

  382. Steven

    If I see her approaching ..and I tell her …”Cool Ma ….You got your face on the cover of Elle Magazine ..But we can still speak …You dont have to be brand new with me…….It gets a laugh and it get a one second stop ……Also with this one can use the Magazine that is popular with the race of the woman…..Essennce…Elle …Latina..

  383. Navneel

    Are you serious about these lines? Your focus is way too much for extroverted girls and night club/bar environments? These lines are a bit cheesy. There has to be something better since there are some sophisticated and shy girls too.

  384. Christopher Scott

    Oh yes – repeat this and you’ll get roller girl

  385. Luke

    I’m surprised I didn’t see this one already, I tried it a few times with little to no success but now that I know about eye contact and body language it works like a charm.

    “Good morning(or whatever time of day) beautiful. I mean uhhh…. beautiful morning, yes?

  386. FC

    If you play your cards right and act nice, I might let you hit this later.

    (It always gets a laugh and has pulled the upset on numerous occasions)

  387. Christopher

    You’ve heard that “a bird in hand is worth two in a bush? well, no bush at hand is for the birds!”

  388. Anonymous

    If she spills something on herself say…You got it all over you, that’s okay you wear it well.

  389. Michael Bradley

    Thank you very much this is great. I am the man now

  390. Michael Sinigaglio

    I noticed on banter with really gorgeous girls, if you get a bit sarcastic with a smirk, they are immediately intrigued. I remember one time with a hot hot woman she was my apartment manager, although I had only met her once briefly. She came out of the office and I was nearby smoking, and she asked for a cigarette. I replied “that will cost you, these things don’t grow on trees”. She stared, then smiled and said “you’re funny”. I said, “I know”. But I didn’t give her a cigarette. Then she said, “Well?” I said, “What?” And she replied, “So you’re not going to give me one?” I made her do all sorts of things for me before she could get one, like answer weird questions, and even spin in a circle. I told her “thanks for the show, you’ve earned one smoke”. It was crazy cool. She was a 9. Then we smoked and chatted and she even slapped me flirtatiously on the arm a few times. She knew I had a cat and asked me how my kitty was doing. I asked her if she would like a drink of water or soda and she came into my apartment to pet the kitty and she was in there a few minutes. OMG I was so blind. She left after a few minutes of chatting. Said she had to get back to work. We were SUPPOSED to have sex!!! I didn’t go beyond attraction, because I didn’t have your system. I really didn’t know where to go from there, man! I’m gonna go out there and try more now that I’ve read your book and seen most of your webinars…

  391. R .

    I thought you where one of my friends X’s but I don’t think it would be right to flirt with you unless I’m wrong :)

  392. Ron Riley

    for Years this has worked well,,,, “‘WOW your very attractive and I really like what I am seeing,,,, SO that said,,, Let’s FOOL AROUND for a while ?’”,,,( if they say YES,, then do it STUPID) if they just Freeze up,,, then with proper pause,, say , “”GUESS NOT,, I CAN SEE YOUR A LADY THAT LIKE TO JUST GET SERIOUS RIGHT FROM THE GET GO,, I LIKE THAT IN A WOMAN,,”" they will laugh,, take it from there your IN ,, or ya hit a BRICK WALL but RIGHT then you KNOW whether to continue or move on,,, Make it into your own words or current equivalent age group terms ,,,, Every lady wants to be asked to FOOL AROUND,,,, try it YOU’LL LIKE IT..

  393. Ron Riley

    So do ya wanna fool around??? or would you rather just get serious??? ladies Choice as always, so which are you in the mood for right now?

  394. Ron Riley

    You look like such a nice lady,, but I bet your naughty side is even better>>> let is out and lets PLAY.

  395. Morten

    Picked up a girl biking next to me some years ago… I was accidently riding next to her for maybe thirty meters. I liked how she looked. I took good eyecontact and said: “I know what you’re thinking, but your not going to outrace me”

  396. Dwight S

    If she spills her drink, knocks over chair or drops her drink glass, say the next time I take you out, I’m gonna leave you at home.

  397. Anonymous

    “well now I know the meaning of life:

  398. Bruce Frank

    Are you ladies/an actress(es) on that movie that they are filming just down the street ?

  399. Mateus Carneiro

    Beginning of convo, at random girl:

    You: “Hey, were you staring at my butt?”
    Her: “No I wasn`t.”
    You: “Hum, ok. Sorry, then.”

    turn to walk away, then immediately turn back to her and say (serious face):

    “Ok, NOW you were!”

    100% chance she will in fact look at your ass when you turn away, and is going to laugh when you acknowledge that!

  400. Darren Everest

    questions your sexuality, reply / Your only gay if you take, it and i is a giver

    says somthing nasty to you,reply / im not made of wood you know ,i have got a heart

    use both of these on a regular basis and it always gets a laugh

  401. Scott Wallen

    After a congruence test, no matter what she says to you: “Wow! Where do you learn these cheesy lines to pick up guys??”

  402. PJ

    Is she walks of and tells me to watch her drink I say: OK I´ll watch it but if someone comes up to take it I wont stop them ;)

  403. Travers

    My feet are starting to hurt, I must have been running through your mind for awhile now.

  404. Filly pics:
    updates every daytime

  405. Brad Hegyi

    (If you see her looking around the bar or something..)

    when you first walk up say “You can stop looking around for me, I’m here”

  406. Daniel Young

    How do you like your hero, easy over or sunny-side up?

  407. Milton Taunoa

    If you ask girl out & get some excuse or their not sure…jus say thats ok i’ll jus ask some other beautiful girl then…

  408. Mark Ramponi

    Wow guys, really? Probably leave the violence out, at least

  409. Mark Ramponi

    …don’t get me wrong- a lot of these are good, especially the clever ones, but I don’t know about the few that suggest face slapping, etc…?

  410. matt

    I tryed this out at a bar and she was caught off guard, allowing you to continue on.
    “You’re beautiful, can i have a cup of your bath water?”






  412. gregory smith

    Can I smell your pussy? she say’s of course not ! you say sorry it must be your feet ! Have gotten only a few other responses such as only if you lick it first ! but always make gals laugh !

  413. Ricardo Acosta

    You little devil.

  414. Anonymous

    you are handful xD

  415. Joseph Soldano

    Middle banter

    Your not some typical ( city your in ) girl are you? Im getting really tired of those.

  416. Brendan Phillips

    I’m not clumsy, it’s just the floor hates me, the tables and chairs are bullies, and the wall gets in my way! And then there’s you! I need insurance!

  417. Unusual Girls instal:
    Diurnal updates

  418. Jason Sideburn

    Am I gonna have to deal with you all night?

  419. Scott Daley

    walk into a store with a hottie behind the counter and act like you may have lost your wallet there, when she can’t find it give her your number “incase she does find it” then tell her to call you when she gets off.
    (inspired by Josh)

  420. Stephen Wigmore

    (if you must have a PDF of this – install a PDF printer like CutePDF and “print” this page)

  421. Milton Taunoa

    (your arwful but i like you) when she tries to insult you…

  422. Milton Taunoa

    Into: say excuse me bt you dropped something (when she looks down then up)she’ll say what? You say MY JAW LINE…

  423. Kelly Hval

    Wait for her to say something and then respond with an answer that doesn’t make sense and continue.
    Her: “yeah it was really fun”
    You: “who?”
    Her: “what?”
    You: “when?”
    Her: “what do you mean?”
    You: “where?”

    She will get your joking and laugh, I’ve done this forever and even before I knew what I was doing, I got allot of laughs from her (but back then didn’t know what to do)

    I feel like this would be helpful in banter when u don’t know what to say or how to respond

  424. Scott Hunter

    When approaching: Thank you for taking the time to look beautiful for me tonight.


    I can clearly see you’re a weapon…and I just happen to have a license to talk to you.


    Hey sweet shoes….what’s the speed limit on those bad girls/boys?!

  427. michael w

    I saw I lost and found reward poster for that smile you stole from an angel

  428. darrol a.


  429. renasty

    opener: i came over here because i couldn’t tell if you were giving me a dirty look or you liked my new haircut, so, what is it?

  430. Ilpo Salonen

    “Remember my name. You’ll be whispering it tonight”. I don’t know how to deliver this, I’ve never tried, but I think it sounds kinda good.

  431. Jesse C

    My favorite… (Waitress brings you your meal.)
    You say, “Did you make this?”
    She says, “No”
    You say, (playfully) “Well, I don’t want it then… take it back.”

  432. Kevin Murphy

    Guys. I have to be honest. Some of these lines are terrible. Joshua. I really trust most of what you say but I’m trying to imagine saying the majority of these lines to a woman buying groceries in a supermarket. What about the tired beautiful bank clerk waiting for a busy bus at 6:00pm on a Monday evening? Or the Brazilian beauty whose English isn’t perfect?

    I know plenty of women who would not be impressed by these, however they were delivered, negative body language etc…. The point made by navneel is valid, and of particular importance to me:

    Are you serious about these lines? Your focus is way too much for extroverted girls and night club/bar environments? These lines are a bit cheesy. There has to be something better since there are some sophisticated and shy girls to.

    Come to Ireland Josuha and chat up Irish women with these. I think you’d end up writing a second edition of the tao of badass;-)

  433. Francisco

    I dont see anything interesting, in your program. And you make a very long stories, you need to be mor efficient and clear.

  434. Xavier Fernandez

    I know your type: gimme a break!

  435. solomon Lind

    ( When things ar really good) pinch her cheek than when she puzzledly says while probably smiling at least a bit “what was that” you respond “I just wanted to see you smile” (if she wasn’t already she will be garenteed if she was she will more and when she does be sure to have your most charming smile waiting.

  436. Reid Stevensen

    what about banter for non bar situations, like if a hot girl works at your job and you want to approach her in the hall or break room? these bar room sentences definitely would not work there.

  437. Jose

    “I usually don’t believe in love at first sight but after seeing you I just might.”

  438. James P.

    (After she drops something) I agree with you, darlin, just put that anywhere. We’ll have the help put it away.

  439. Allen

    something for my brother badasses to ask the girls to make them smile

    ask them if they like cream with their strawberries if they say yes
    tell them I like mine with cherries

    guaranteed to make them smile or laugh

  440. MARTIN

    Is it a challenge always being the most beautiful woman in any group/room?

  441. Logan S

    (Spills her drink) Great now look what you’ve done, well it’s not going to clean itself.

  442. Logan S

    (Spills her drink on you) Would you look at that. Here take of your shirt so we can dry this off.

  443. Robert Lombardi

    Use this at a coffee shop or something like that.

    Hey I know you…you tried hitting on me last time we where here.

  444. Steven Prince

    “oh you don’t like my shoes?…..let’s trade.

  445. Guy Alberghini

    I am here looking for a great woman. Do you know where there is one?

  446. joe alfaro

    if they start talking about sex “i have zero miles ran on me”

  447. K Fed

    Nice shoes. Might wanna borrow them some time.

  448. Lachan

    I nearly didn’t recognise you with your clothes on. Probably a slap but it might be a line that fits somewhere

  449. Lachlan Ford

    Ever fallen over a tree, how bout a root

  450. nathan

    haha alex funny if happens i will totally try it out

  451. Thoma Vinson

    Drive by when girl’s on/checking phone (always): Hey I’m right here! But I’ll be back when your done leaving me a voicemail/text.

  452. Thoma Vinson

    Sorry..just a revision:

    Drive by when girl’s on/checking phone (always): Hey I’m right here! But I’ll be back when your done leaving me a voicemail/sexting me.

  453. Matthias Klaes

    One I like is to be said like you mean it with a spark in your eye:

    *Move over to her and sit down* I couldn’t help feeling sorry for you, so I decided to come over so you don’t look TOTALLY alone. (works with more girls too, you just need to remember to look at them both)

  454. Joseph Julian

    This really work’s only if she has a tattoo. I was in a loud crowded bar full of crazy football fans when I noticed our cute, young waitress had this nice tattoo on her arm. I said or yelled, I like your tattoo, where did you get it. After telling me my beer was never empty and I ended up with her phone number.
    This the best one I learned from a friend who always knew what to say to women.

    Hey, I got this joke that will knock your tit’s off. Oh I see you already heard it. Works everytime.

  455. wayne brown

    I have used this a few times texting- ” so what do you like to do besides have sex”

  456. Janinator

    I had have lot of success with this line.

    ” You look like a kinda girl that i can show to my parents and they finally say ” Oh sweet (YOur name) you have finally found a good girl”

    or just

    “You look like a kinda girl that i can show to my parents”

  457. Jeff Jensen

    For the middle of a conversation that’s going well say, “This is the 2nd best time I’ve ever had at this place.”. They’re intrigued of what was your best time was and it makes them crazy that they’re not first.

  458. Andre Windom

    [Notice if she wore make up]
    Oh, You didn’t have to wear make up on my account…

  459. Ovidio Espino Jr.

    Hey I’m easy not cheap..

  460. In a gay bar suching for straight chicks. Walk up and say. What the odds of finding a straight girl in a place like this. She might say pritty good.

  461. Evan Lloyd

    If you see a perfect 10 on the street, how do you start a banter? When People ride by on bikes n shit I be saying shit like, watch where ur join. but i need help, if i find some black magic in this my life would be a whole lot better

  462. Baome Tembele

    (When Your paying for something) “how would you like to pay for that?” ( works good whenever you buy something )

  463. Michael Morgan

    good stuff

  464. Rodney Gillespie

    If I want any shit out of you I’ll squeeze your head.

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  466. Shaun Owen

    This is not universal and only really falls applicable if you said something bad and the girl/girls say that you’re on thin ice or if you have done something wrong, so could fall heavily as a rebound more than anything else. I used it once and was able to get a laugh out of 2 girls that were just heavily offended by something I said (I didn’t intend for them to get offended though, I made a comment that ended in “*sigh* Women”

    If you feel you said something wrong, you should try and evoke this response exactly: “You’re on thin ice” or if anything else pops up, ask “I’m on thin ice now, wouldn’t you say?”

    If she says “Yes” or says the term, then respond by saying “Oh no ma’am, you are wrong, I’m not on thin ice, I’m way past that, at the moment I’m like Jesus Christ, I’m walking on water”

  467. Matt Guidry

    You better stop looking at me like that, you’re going to leave your boyfriend.

  468. Raimundas Maknys

    Haven’t tried it, but here is one:
    (conversation starter or middle of conversation when she is/was checking you out): please, stop undressing me with your eyes,
    follow ups:
    It’s awkward to be the only one naked here;
    I don’t like being naked in public;
    You should buy me a drink first.

  469. Albein

    if we’re going to make this work your going to have to stop bossing me around

  470. Scott Watkins

    From the movie major pain, when you shake her hand say: that’s a mighty fine hand shake you got there! you want to wrestle! Gets a smile and laugh every time!

  471. Jason Klein

    Is it all right to hang out here until it’s safe back where I farted?

  472. ACkbar

    (sexual stage) “what’s a nice girl like you, doing in a dirty mind like mine…”

  473. Michael Schley

    you must be ovulating because you sure look great

  474. Brooks

    SUGGEST ADDING A VOTE BAR FOR USERS, I see some really bad ones

  475. Michael

    You: Do you want to see some ridiculously ripped abs?
    Her: Of course!
    You: Well I don’t have any so we’re going to have to get past that

    It usually gets an immediate laugh and she usually responds well I don’t have any either so the conversation starts of on a light fun note.

  476. Aaron

    You: “Pick a number between 1 and 10.”
    Her: (random number) “4.”
    You: “You win! You get to take me home tonight.”

  477. Bill

    Pretent I’m a Genie… Ill let you rub my six pack and make 3 wishes… the first one I already know and the answer is maybe… well see… if your a good girl.

  478. The best one that has worked for me and always gets a few laughs: If she says or does something odd/funny/weird or if she drops something or is clumsy you can say…

    “Oh my, your a handful. Bartender can you cut her off please (point at her somehow while looking around for a bartender)” The more you repeat it the funnier it gets.

    You don’t have to say it while in a bar or club, you can say it anywhere, it shows your comfortable and funny .

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  480. Gaby Bayeh

    WoW, id prefer you dont hold MY hand, incase you melt & i dont want to loose you too quickly. Please stay an arm length away from ME ;-)

  481. Ah, I’m glad you have a name for this; banter. It’s what I’ve always done naturally. Also, always open to approach anyone. It just flows for me and I never knew what the names for it was. Since I swore off women for being horrible, disgusting people, I’m trying to re-learn… I don’t have approach anxiety. I have general disgust and disinterest. So, I end up staying in banter. Chicks get worn out because I never escalate. Not because I’m afraid to, but because it’s only a good thing for a little while and I don’t want a little while… This helps me understand where I was coming from and didn’t even know it. Being able to separate this Banter with a name makes me understand that DUH! You have to start somewhere! I can’t just shove it off because it isn’t what I want… YET. Very helpful. This alone is worth the money I paid.

  482. Dustin Eward

    Mine is nonverbal starting… I fake like she grabbed my ass or something. It’s generally ambiguous. I don’t specify exactly what, I just have a fake reaction as if someone grabbed or pinched my ass and I am far to chaste to allow such a thing. “What the… Did you just.. [look of shock] keep your hands to yourself, woman!” It’s great to do this to the hottest ice-queen in the place. It’s fun to extend it if it kicks-off (it doesn’t always). Loudly state after a few minutes of conversation “No I will not touch you there for a dollar!” If she doesn’t miss a beat and says “What about two dollars?” You probably don’t need any more banter… ;-)

  483. Steve

    “You look a bit rapey.” Say this as you walk up and if she asks why, tell her the things that would make her less rapey (Grow a handlebar mustache, cut her hair into a mullet, 70′s porn star shades, and drive a black van that says on the side free ice-cream.).

  484. Michael Jamieson

    im about to go to sleep, want to come? :p

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  486. Rick S.

    Mid conversation banter. “Ok, what makes you different from all the other hot girls in here? give me an excuse to stay here.”

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  488. Mohamed I

    Do you believe in love at first sight or need I to pass by twice ?

  489. Phil Fisher

    Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to show all these girls what a real woman looks like.

  490. Gary Belhomme

    If someone tells you that you have a dirty mind, tell them I don’t have a dirty mind, I have a sexy imagination.

  491. Chris

    First, lean against the bar next to a really cute girl. Lean your ass out really exaggerated. Wait for her to look over at you, then say:

    “I know what your thinking… (then look at your ass) you have a really great ass…”

    May need some polishing, but this is just ridiculous when used right…

  492. AP Hinojos

    I ask for the correct spelling of her first and last name… just in case I have to file a restraining order in the near future.

  493. prepaid card

    hey guys anyone know any good banter lines for messaging a girl online ?

  494. To be used when speaking to a woman with a sexy low cut blouse and showing cleavage. Do this when she is asking you a question or droning on about something that is not forced rapport.

    be keeping eye contact and negative body language and when she finishes talking, you let the silence drag just a second, then say, ” I’m sorry, your cleavage was in my peripheral vision, and i was concentrating on not looking down”, then bring your hand up blocking her tits from your field of view, smirk coyly, and say “… You were saying?”

  495. Harrison

    Tried this the other night. Saw a girl wrapped up in here phone. So I “Said I just got your text.”

  496. At a store and she asks how you are doing: “If I were any happier, there’d be two of me”

  497. go up to a girl and just stare at her and say the following. “I don’t normally say this to woman, but your way better looking than i am”.