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The Tao Of Badass: Meeting Women

Recently I went out to a bar with a few friends to grab a drink. I walked into a pretty popular place here in LA and immediately I hear my friend say, “Oh… My… God… Who is SHE?” I look over and I see this model-gorgeous girl with blonde hair, heels, a tight slinky skirt, and a low cut shirt… And she is absolutely SURROUNDED by guys who are buying her drinks and trying to get her attention.

Before I can say anything my buddy is already walking up to her. He doesn’t know it but I watched him do the EXACT same thing that all of the rest of the needy guys did. He made about 7 MAJOR mistakes in the first 15 seconds. He had her attention for about 30 seconds total. And then, slowly, she began to turn away from him and look bored.

He “Ejected” and came back to where I was and told me that she was impossible to talk to. “She’s got too many dudes after her and they’re messing up my game.” he said. Ok, I understand that reaction. I said, “It’s not impossible, you just have to know the right thing to say to her.” He knows that I’m a professional Attraction Expert and a pretty well known Dating Coach, so the next thing that came out of his mouth was pretty predictable…

“Why don’t YOU go over there and show me then??”

Ok… I’m used to guys asking me to do this. And normally I just refuse. He knows better than to ask me to go and “perform” for him… It’s not something that I do… But that night I was feeling more generous than normal so I said, “You know what… I’m actually going to do that. And I want you to watch EVERYTHING I do and make a mental note. Because THIS is how it’s done.”

Here’s what he saw…

He saw me walk over with my drink in my hand…

He saw me gently push my way through the group of chumps who were trying to get her attention…

He saw me lean up against the bar where she was sitting, look her directly in the eyes, and whisper something…

And then, it happened…

He saw me lean in, she smiled, and we made out…

The whole thing took about 2 minutes from when I started walking to when my lips were touching hers. But you’re probably wondering the same thing he was (after he was done freaking out and telling me he’d “never doubt me again” haha), “What in the HELL did you SAY TO HER???”

Well, I’ll tell you what I said to her, just like I told him.

Here’s what I said:

Me: “Can you keep a secret?”
Her: “Well I don’t know, that depends…”
Me: (ignoring her response) “We’re going to have a secret kiss. Right now. And no one will know about it. It’ll be our little secret…”

Then, we kissed.

That easy!

But if you tried to recreate that on your own it probably wouldn’t work…


Because, yes, I said that to her… but she didn’t kiss me because of what I said. She kissed me because I didn’t make ANY of the same mistakes that the rest of the guys around her were making…

I walked up and immediately she knew that I was different.

So I guess the REAL question here is, what DIDN’T I do that got this super hot, sought after, done-up, sexy girl to only have eyes for me in less than 2 minutes?

Well, first let me say that I wasn’t always this way. I’m no Casanova, by any stretch. I’m not tall, I have a weak jaw-line, I’m as skinny as a rail, I suck at sports, and I’m flat broke. I used to be the guy that got his girlfriends stolen by more “alpha” guys. I used to be the guy that would be so nervous that nothing would come out of his mouth when he did get drunk enough to talk to a girl. I used to be the guy that girls would actually tell to f*** off after all he said was “Hey there.”

I used to be that guy…

But something happened to me. I learned some things about women that I never knew existed. I learned a system for meeting, attracting, and turning on women that I’ve just met…

Right now, in this post, I’m going to teach you the TOP 10 things I learned that have skyrocketed me to the level that I am now. Remember, I teach guys these techniques for a living… Everything in this post WORKS. And it works VERY VERY well…

The TOP 10 Things I’ve Learned That Made Me A Badass With Women:

#10 Learning to Walk Confidently
Most men show women that they aren’t confident simply by walking across the room and before they ever open their mouths. But there are a few tweaks you can make to your walk that captivate a woman and have her dying to know you. Keeping your eyes off the ground as you walk is just one of 5 things you need to know to have an irresistibly powerful style of walking.

#9 How to Banter
In the beginning of an interaction, women are EXTREMELY turned off by serious conversation. You need some things you can say, that all women respond positively to, that keep her intrigued in that biting-her-lip sort of way. I learned a series of these things that are the best, hands down, at getting women to lean in toward me and smile.

#8 Seeing and Passing a Woman’s “Tests”
This one took me a LOOONG time to even realize that I NEEDED to know. Women secretly test the men that come up and talk to them in 2 different ways. If a man knows that the test is happening (that is, he recognizes it in the first place), then he passes. If not, he fails and she rejects him. I learned how to recognize and respond to the 2 types of tests in a way that actually turned women on sexually. I remember the day I learned this technique… freakin’ awesome :)

#7 How to Touch a Woman and Escalate Sexual Tension
Women have what’s called “Psychological Space” that they use to figure out whether or not they can trust a man to get physical with them. If you know the exact way to break through this barrier and begin touching them, in a nonchalant kind of way, they’ll subconsciously start wondering what it’s like to be in bed with you. I learned how to do this after YEARS (yeah… years) of trial and error. I must’ve gotten rejected a thousand times before I figured out the right way to do it.

#6 Reading A Woman’s “Attraction Cues”
You may or may not believe this, but you’ve probably blown it with women that you didn’t even know liked you… And the reason why you’ve blown it is because… well… You didn’t know they liked you! Women are attracted to a lot of men. But 95% of men never see it. I had to study a lot of body language reading techniques to finally understand how to tell when a woman is attracted to me (HINT>> You CAN’T tell by what they say… There’s something else…)

#5 How to Stay Out of The Friend Zone
This was a major issue for me, personally. If I had a dollar for every time I heard the phrase, “I like you, but I think we should just be friends.” I’d have… Well I guess realistically I’d have about $60 or so… But I thought it was just something that was wrong with me that I could never get around. But the more I learned the more I realized that there are a series of things that I can do (usually in the first 5 minutes of talking to a girl) that will keep that from ever happening and immediately push things into a sexual direction, regardless of how hot she was.

#4 Understanding Value
This one was HUGE. Value is another word for confidence. And, one thing we all know, is that women sleep with/hook up with/ date/ talk about/ desire men with CONFIDENCE. But when I learned about the 4 different types of confidence and how changing a few things would make people think that I was the highest level of confidence a man can be, I saw an IMMEDIATE increase in the quality of the women I was dating. I went from hooking up with mediocre women to attracting and… everything else-ing… “10’s,” models, and hot, hot women.

#3 Seeing The Matrix
Probably the most eye opening concept I learned about through my studies is the “Map of Interaction.” It’s basically a series of different stages that you go through when you’re talking to a girl. Knowing it will give you the power to fix any mistakes you make, progress to a sexual level, and build an obsessive level of connection with her. When I learned how to see it happening WHILE it was happening, that’s when I started to “See the Matrix.”

#2 Mastering Body Language
This one is huge. 80% of the communication that people get from us is subconscious. And most of that is straight through how you move your body. When you’re talking to a woman, you want to evoke an emotional attraction with her, not a logical one. I now have a set of rules (after years of going in the wrong direction and studying things that didn’t actually work) that I stick to and teach that help normal dudes, like me, to create abnormal levels of attraction with the women they meet.

#1 Learning the “Free Drink Technique”
This is the ONE THING that I can say gave me the MOST amount of success with women in the SHORTEST amount of time. It’s a game that I play with women when they ask me to “buy them a drink.” EVERY time I’ve done this I’ve gotten a phone number. I mean EVERY TIME. I can’t go into it on this post but I DID shoot a video that you can see if you want to learn the technique. It’s free, of course.

If you want to see it click here >> The Free Drink Technique Video

I believe that it’s your duty, as a man, to “get this area of your life handled.” You have to make it a priority and do whatever you have to do to become the man that your future wife/girlfriend(s)/hook up will need you to be.

If you have time to watch a video right now, watch the video I shot teaching The Free Drink Technique.

Cheers to you and your soon to be completely badass life!

Your friend,
Joshua Pellicer

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